The new B1 license for people over 16 years of age will allow them to drive electric quadricycles up to 90 km/h

The General Directorate of Traffic has just presented the Strategic Plan for Road Safety 2020-2030. Minister Marlaska has communicated the lines of action of the DGT and the Ministry of the Interior to improve traffic safety in the coming years. Among a series of important measures, the new plan includes the creation of a driving license for young people from 16 years. A B1 license with which they can drive electric cars up to a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

The DGT knows that in order to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads it is necessary to improve driver training. More trained and capable people will be one of the main axes in this course of actionas well as zero tolerance for dangerous maneuvers or the improvement of traffic lanes, as well as the greater safety and connectivity of the new cars.

But focusing on the special permit, young people over 16 years of age will be able to get a B1 license that is already being established in many countries of the European Union. The aim is to allow young people to gain driving experience so that, once you have obtained your driving license, you will not suffer the consequences of launching yourself into the asphalt jungle for the first time. In turn, this will implement safety at the wheel after having detected an increase in the accident rate of younger drivers.

B1 card for people over 16 years old

Currently the DGT contemplates the AM card that allows driving light quadricycles or microcars without the need to get the B card for those over 15 years of age. On this basis, the DGT opens its hand to the present limitations, currently set at a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour and a maximum weight of 350 kilograms. With the new B1 card those over 16 years of age will be able to use electric quadricycles with a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and a maximum weight of 400 kilograms.

For it it will be necessary to pass an exam, although at the moment the exact form that this training test will have has not been determined. We imagine that it will contemplate a theoretical part of circulation and another practical, but it has not been confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior. However, Minister Marlaska has confirmed that he is going to expand driver education in the classroom within the new education law, the LOMLOE Law.

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