The most radical version of the electric FIAT 500 comes to light: this will be the Abarth 500e

As with the previous generation, FIAT plans to launch a sports version of its most popular model, the FIAT 500. It is the abarth 500 electrica variant whose aesthetic has just been revealed, in part, because of a spy photo that has been taken in one of the Stellantis facilities.

It was thanks to Abarth Italian Foruma forum for users of the Italian sports brand, as the image that illustrates this article has come to light, and confirming in passing that the arrival of this higher-performance version is very close to seeing the light.

If it is the design that ends up finding its way to production, with the filtering of this image it is confirmed that at least in the aesthetic aspect the Italian brand has taken the same recipe that it used for the previous generation of the Abarth 500 and 595 to distinguish itself from conventional versions sold under the FIAT signature, with a set of bumpers with accentuated dimensions compared to the less powerful 500.

The protagonist of the filtration unit is finished in a striking green color, with an acid tone, and boasts some other element finished in a contrasting color such as the mirrors, painted in matt gray, or the front bumper lip, finished in white. . It is also appreciated that in its interior some sport seats that, at least in the first instance, they seem very similar to those that the current Abarth 595 uses until now.

Abarth 500 electric filtered
Abarth 500 electric filtered

It is noteworthy that on this occasion, for this sports version, the brand has decided not to use the same ornamental vertical slat that the previous Abarth 500 used to simulate a grill, but instead the name of the sports firm, Abarth, takes the leadership.

Technically, it is expected that the electric Abarth 500 will use the largest battery pack currently available in the conventional 500 range, with a capacity of 42 kWh, and that the power will rise, although based on the size of the model and that It is still a car of reduced dimensions, a figure higher than 150 kW, which is equivalent to 204 CV, cannot be expected, but a revised cycle part with better brakes and suspensions to offer sporty behavior.

The brand has not confirmed a specific production date for this sports version of the FIAT 500, but the leaked unit reveals that the brand already has the final design ready, so It is to be hoped that his official coming-out is close.

In addition, the conventional electric FIAT 500 has managed to establish itself among the best-selling battery models on the European continent, so FIAT can now afford to launch a sportier version, not only opening a new market niche (that of the electric GTI) , but also expanding its offer to reach a wider audience.

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