The most aggressive Tesla Model 3 is the Manhart TM3 720: more power and torque along with aesthetic changes

Germany’s Manhart has taken the Tesla Model 3 Performance and has given it one of its particular aesthetic kits to offer a sportier and more aggressive alternative to those for whom the Model 3 design is not sporty enough. The Germans have called it Manhart TM3 720 and in addition to a more exclusive aesthetic, it also proposes a power boost.

The main change in the bodywork of the Manhart Model 3 is in its front, where the German, with a carbon fiber composite appendage and located in the lower part of the bumper, it makes the front volume sharper.

Another change that is extremely striking, but that ultimately is, along with the longitudinal scratches, the one that will least interfere with the efficient facet of the Model 3, is the grill that Manhart has incorporated, since it is, just an adhesive. The appendix that they have incorporated on the trunk door, is responsible for providing a more aggressive air to the rear area.

Manhart Tesla Model 3
Carbon fiber splitter and adhesive on the front, which simulates a honeycomb grille.

A suspension kit is responsible for bringing the Model 3 body closer to the ground, although this aspect does have a clear gain in the behavior section. The suspension kit is manufactured by specialist H&Rand together with the 21-inch “Barracuda” design wheels manufactured by Manhart itself, it makes the TM3 720 win over.

Not all the changes have only aesthetic significance, since the German tuning company has also revised the electrical diagram of the Tesla Model 3 so that its TM3 720 is even more powerful, and has done so through the MHTROnik Powerbox, which in principle It is designed for BMW models.

If under normal circumstances a Tesla Model 3 Performance already yields 513 CV, Manhart has allowed himself the luxury of raising the figure to 550 hp and 720 Nm of torque (Based on the latter, the name of the model in question goes. The company does not declare new figures for acceleration or maximum speed, but based on the power gain, it is expected that it substantially improves the 3.3 seconds at zero to hundred that achieves the “normal” Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Manhart Tesla Model 3.
Manhart Tesla Model 3.

All of the above, of course, comes at a price. If in Germany the Tesla Model 3 Performance starts at 61,990 euros, the TM3 720 raises its starting rate to €69,900 in Germany, which represents an increase of almost 8,000 euros.

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