The MOMA e-MTB 29 is Amazon’s best-selling electric bike in Spain, and the key is its price

MOMA Bikes is a Spanish bicycle manufacturer that, thanks to the relationship between design, quality and price of its models, has become one of the main players in Spain in terms of electric bikes. Amazon bears much of the blame for this, where its models enjoy a great commercial scope, especially the e-MTB 29which has taken over from the e-MTB 27.5 as Amazon’s best-selling electric bike.

It is a model that, as its name indicates, is built around the concept of a mountain bike. Contrary to the Full Suspension variant, this uses a rigid geometry through an aluminum composite frame.

The electrical system that takes place in the MOMA e-MTB 29 is the same that we find in the rest of the brand’s electric bicycles, where a removable battery is located in the lower tube of the frame and a hub-type motor is located in the rear wheel. , they are the protagonists.

e-MTB 29 from MOMA.
e-MTB 29 from MOMA.

The latter renders the relevant 250W of power maximum nominal value allowed by the European legal framework, as well as 55Nm of torque. For the battery, for its part, the brand declares a capacity of 624Wh. It is a figure that is completely different from what is usual in affordable electric bicycles, and that should be enough for routes with pedal-assist routes. greater than 100 kilometersbecause by concept, it is not a bicycle whose potential use is at the limit of its possibilities.

As for the rest of the components, although it is not a high-end deployment, it does meet what can be expected from an electric bicycle of its price, in charge of the change we find a Shimano Altus twelve-speed system, with a RD-M310L derailleur, while the fork is in charge of the specialist Suntour, who makes an XCM model spring available to MOMA. The manufacturer of the brake system equipment does not declare the brand, although they do confirm that it is a hydraulic system.

Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 12.30.17
Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 12.30.17

All of the above is offered by MOMA Bikes for a price of 1,499.99 euros both on Amazon and on its website. It is a price that reduces the cost of top brand bicycles, such as Specialized, Scott or Canyon, by more than 1,000 euros, and although it is true that it does so based on cheap components, it is capable of offering much greater autonomy thanks to bet everything on the battery, while in terms of design it convinces with the design that MOMA has been able to sign.

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