The MINI Recharged project presents an electric car decorated by Lakwena Maciver

The time will come when many of the classic cars that are still in excellent condition today will not be able to access the center of the capitals. The restrictions on polluting road traffic are becoming more effective in some cities in Spain. There is a solution for this and it goes through convert the aforementioned historic vehicles into electric modelsreplacing its thermal mechanics with a “zero emissions” one.

MINI launched earlier this year its program called “MINI Rechargeand for which they will give a second life to the company’s classic models. This service is offered to cars produced between the years 1959 and 2000. Now, the London artist Lakwena Maciver has made the aesthetic modification of a selected unit MINI dating from 1986 and with which she has signed her stamp as ambassador of the “decarbonization” project for these small vehicles.

This is not the first time that MINI and Lakwena have embarked on a joint journey, as it began a little over two years ago. One of the last works carried out by the Londoner was during the celebration of the last edition of the IAA Mobility 2021, in the city of Munich, where she decorated an old high-rise gray facade with a MINI as the main motif and the phrase “BIG LOVE ”.

The model has been decorated in a multitude of colors throughout its body

The current and recently presented MINI Lakwena project is decorated in a multitude of color shades, forming the expression “BIG LOVE” in the profile of the model, as well as the phrase “You Were There” in the small trunk lid. As the artist explained, “I hope this MINI Recharged makes people feel good and puts a smile on their faces. It is a color festival of cultures.” The small rims of the MINI have also been colored in a red and orange hue.

In the interior certain modifications have also been carried out, mainly in the chromatic field. The seats have been upholstered with a particular fabric, while their supports are also painted in various colors. Finally, the steering wheel has been decorated in imitation leather in blue and in its center the name of the artist has been located.

The chromatic decoration is also presented in the passenger compartment

The work of art made by the British on the electric MINI will be exhibited during the 10 days of the European Championship in Munichwhich will start on August 11 until the next day 21. According to the company, this will be an ideal setting in which to carry out its debut, since it represents mutual respect, tolerance and diversity. .

At the moment, from MINI they have not made an official statement announcing certain specifications that the electric MINI Recharged have, such as the capacity of their battery or the price that it will cost to make this mechanical modification. However, they have revealed that They have an electric motor of up to 121 CV (almost double what the original model of the time had), which will mean being able to move agilely around the city as if it were a current model. This unique electrical block allows the model go from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds. Finally, the electric autonomy that the model will have will be up to 160 kilometers, while its battery can be recharged at a maximum power of 6.6 kW.

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