The MINI Moke is now electric and a first unit has already been manufactured

The MINI Moke is a car (or buggy) that was marketed in the last decade of the 60s. At that time it achieved an enormous boom, especially in coastal areas, where it was presented as the ideal car in which to travel short distances without a roof or doors. Last year 2015 Moke International Limited was born, a company that acquired the rights to the original Moke with a view to bringing it back to life with renewed technology and 100% electric mechanics. Now, the company has taken an important step for itself and has already manufactured the first commercial unit of the small electric vehiclewhich hopes to begin marketing in Europe in the coming months.

In 2017, the new company already showed several concept models, which allowed it to gain great interest from investors and stakeholders. This meant the arrival of investments that ensured its long-term future, as stated by the brand itself. A few months later, Moke International Limited received a grant from the British government committing itself to manufacturing the model on English soil. Additionally, they also sealed a trade agreement after the arrival of Brexit in which UK companies were allowed duty-free access to European Union markets.

Its future owner will be able to customize a large part of the car according to their taste.
Its future owner will be able to customize a large part of the car according to their taste.

Thanks to this, Moke International Limited can benefit from companies based in the European Union market, such as specialists in batteries, electric motors or different investors in the automotive field. In the United Kingdom, the company has a production plant of about 45,000 square meters and a total of 700 employeeswhich is located in Northamptonshire and is operated by the Fablink Group.

The company has already manufactured its first fully commercial electric car, which is decorated in blue, although the palette of shades for the model will initially consist of 5 variants (grey, yellow, orange, blue and light blue) although new color options are expected to be added later.

Like the original model, the new electric Moke is presented as the best friend for country roads or excursions along the coast. Specifically, short routes from point A to point B. Its main marketing asset will be the sensations at the wheel of a convertible electric car that is presented as the resurgence of a mythical model. The new Moke has a sustainable manufacturing and composition of materials, since the purpose of the new brand will be low or zero carbon emissions throughout its manufacturing process.

Its electric motor has 44 CV of power on the rear axle.
Its electric motor has 44 CV of power on the rear axle.

It will be mechanically supported by a 44 hp electric motor, which will be housed on the rear axle and will deliver all its power to it. The total weight of the car, barely 800 kilosguarantees that with its limited power we can count on a dynamic that lives up to expectations, which will be capable of executing the 0 to 55 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of almost 110 km/h; Quite a lot if we take into account that the car hardly has any protective bodywork on its sides.

The company has not revealed data regarding the size of its battery, but it does talk about a maximum autonomy of around 140 kilometersenough to run a round trip between Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and the Principality of Monaco, according to Moke herself, something that directly leads to her idea of ​​marketing the model at a European level in the coming months.

The interior continues to be very minimalist in all aspects.
The interior continues to be very minimalist in all aspects.

The electric Moke has very contained dimensions, practically traced to the original model from the middle of the last century. It has a length of 3,225mm, 1,660mm wide and 1,546mm high. Its ground clearance is 18 centimeters. From the company they assure that the interested party will be able to choose numerous customization options, depending entirely on the taste of its future owner. The model has power steering, regenerative braking and heated windshieldall of it as standard. The starting price of the electric Moke in the United Kingdom will be 29,150 pounds sterling (about 34,000 euros at the current exchange rate).

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