The Miku Super Electric electric motorcycle arrives in Spain: equivalent to 125 cc for 3,699 euros

sunra joins the already very important offer of electric motorcycles on the market, offering a differentiating design for Super Electric Miku. It is a vehicle halfway between an electric scooter or moped and a full-size electric motorcycle. Its technical specifications suggest that it is a vehicle that will bring a fun and energetic character to its buyers, without neglecting the design.

Electric scooters and motorcycles are becoming one of the mobility options being made ubiquitous all over the world. Although in many cases manufacturers prefer to implement its electric versions on the same platformor at least a design very similar to combustion motorcycles, it is interesting to see how it is still possible to offer a design, especially by new emerging manufacturers.

This is exactly what Sunra is looking for with the new miku super electric motorcycle. This manufacturer, probably unknown in the Old Continent, is very popular in China from where exports its products all over the world, including Europe. It is his credit to offer a product with premium features in which the Miku Super fits.

Sunra Miku Super-indoor electric motorcycle1
The electric motor of the Sunra Miku Super electric motorcycle is housed in the rear wheel hub.

The design Sunra Miku Super’s overview is quite interesting. A very elegant rear part that seems to float on the wheel is striking. There is no bracket to hold the seat assembly that attaches to the front area of ​​the frame. The set offers a sharp, sporty and agile image. In addition, it incorporates a round LED headlight that helps to give it a modern touch that collides with neo-retro wheels in line with the current trend. Sunra offers the Miku Super in three colors, blue, red and yellow, further adding to the spirited nature of the electric motorcycle.

On paper, the Super Miku is classified as a two-wheeler. equivalent to the 125 cc category. It is equipped with a brushless electric motor that generates 3 kW of power and offers a torque of 235 Nm. Thanks to these specifications it can reach a maximum speed of 80km/h.

Sunra Miku Super-indoor2 electric motorcycle
Sunra offers the Miku Super in three colors, blue, red, and yellow.

It includes two lithium batteries of 20 Ah and 72 volts, that is, a total capacity of 2.9Wh. Both are removable so that they can be charged installed on the motorcycle or in any domestic socket in approximately five hours. With it, he promises an autonomy of 130 kilometers if set to Eco mode, one of three offered to the driver. In sport mode, however, the autonomy is reduced to 90 kilometers, adding some emotion to the drive in return.

Sunra Miku Super-indoor3 electric motorcycle
It has an LCD instrument panel that shows all the instrumentation and the necessary information regarding the status of the motorcycle.

The wheels are 12 inches and it mounts a combined disc brake system. The suspension consists of an upside-down front fork and a rear swingarm with cantilever and double shock absorbers. It has an LCD instrument panel that shows all the instrumentation and the necessary information regarding the status of the motorcycle. It does not offer bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, a feature that may have been removed in an attempt to keep its final price of 3,699 euros a little lower. in his web page.

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