The Mercedes-AMG GT plug-in hybrid starts its tests on the Nürburgring track

Mercedes-AMG is currently immersed in the development of its new sports car, the Mercedes SL, which we also learned will present a plug-in hybrid mechanical variant. Parallel to the convertible model, Mercedes-AMG also develops the new generation of the current AMG GT coupéwhich has just been caught in these spy photos on the plot of The Mercedes-AMG GT plug-in hybrid starts its tests on the Nurburgring track fine-tuning his new electrified train that he will presumably share with his canvas-roofed brother.

It had been known for months that the signing of the star would give continuity to the company’s current supercar, which many considered dead once we met the Mercedes SL. However, the German brand will hold a future only coupé on the AMG GT, which will give up its convertible version, which will go directly and exclusively to the SL.

Aesthetically, this prototype hides many details due to the extensive use of camouflage vinyl; however, we can guess important aesthetic details. First of all, the model line will continue to be very similar to what we already know today, with a generous nose where to house its powerful mechanics, and a fairly late cabin and very close to the rear axle.

Mercedes AMG GT 63e PHEV 23
Mercedes AMG GT 63e PHEV.

The model is expected to incorporate visual elements already released on the Mercedes SL, such as some longer and more aggressive headlights at the front, which will premiere LED light signature. The front grille will continue to be of generous dimensions and will present its already traditional aesthetic, which the brand calls “Panamericana”. On the front bumper itself more generous air intakes are also predicteddirectly avoiding an even more aggressive design for the model, mainly due to an increase in its capabilities and technical specifications.

Passing behind the model, important innovations can also be seen, such as some new optical groups, which would take the line of the current Mercedes SL, with a more elongated and aggressive design than those currently shown by the AMG GT. In the lower area of ​​​​the rear, its quadruple trapezoidal exhaust outlets can be seen with total clarity. On the other hand, under the right rear light is evident the inclusion of the electric loading hatch. In the same place where a few weeks ago we could see the Mercedes SL. Finally, the prolonged roof drop that characterizes the current GT is also found here.

Mercedes AMG GT 63e PHEV 10
Mercedes AMG GT 63e PHEV.

Entering fully into the mechanical section, the new Mercedes-AMG GT is expected to host the same plug-in hybrid mechanics that we could already see in the SL. The thermal engine will continue to be a V8 block, while this will be linked to an electrical system that will provide the sports car with around 13 kilometers of electric autonomy. This car is not expected to display the same enormous power that the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance presented us with and its 843 hp, however, it is credited with improved capabilities compared to what we know today. well the plug-in version of the AMG GT coupé is expected to be around 700 hp.

The Mercedes-AMG GT plug-in hybrid is still in a very early stage of development, as can be seen in the images. So there would still be a little over a year left for the star’s firm to decide to publicly show this variant. However, all the rumors talk about the launch of this coupé model with traditional mechanics for before the end of this year 2022.

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