The Mercedes-AMG C63 is here: a plug-in hybrid with little electric range, but a lot of anger

Mercedes-AMG has removed the mantle from one of its most anticipated models, not only this year, but of the decade. They have named it Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE Performancee, and it arrives displaying the attributes that have made the previous iterations famous, only this time it leaves aside the V8 engines to make way for a plug-in hybrid scheme, and within it a four-cylinder engine that is crowned as the most powerful in history.

Of all that Mercedes-AMG has detailed, what is undoubtedly most striking are the power figures achieved by the new C 63. It has not mattered that there is no longer a V8 to far exceed the figures of the previous version, while which is now capable of traveling significant distances in electric mode. Depending on the brand with a full charge of your 6.1 kWh battery it can travel up to 13 kilometers, which although it is little in general terms, it provides an extra key use to enter urban radios without emitting into the atmosphere.

The combined power of the system is 500 kW, resulting in 680 hp, of which no less than 476 belong to the four-cylinder heat engine. For its part, the maximum torque of the system is 1,020 Nm. Such a figure of power will be transmitted, for the first time in a C-Class signed by AMG, to all four wheels.

mercedes amg c63 plug-in hybrid
New Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance.

Taking all these data into account, the comments made by AMG Technical Director Jochen Hermann make sense, stating that AMG’s electrification strategy is not focused on efficiency, but on speed and pure performance.

The Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance in numbers

In more detail, the Mercedes hybrid scheme is made up of a two-speed electric motor located on the rear axle, so when it acts in 100% electric mode, it does so only through the rear wheels. This propeller has 150 kW of power (204 CV) and is part of a 400V electrical system of nominal voltage, as well as the battery, with a capacity of 6.1 kWh, which is placed low between the floor of the trunk and the electric motor itself.

The gasoline engine, on the other hand, does provide traction to the front axle thanks to the system 4MATIC+. It is the same block that takes place in the Mercedes-AMG A-Class. It is the 2-liter engine, which, thanks to the assistance of an electronically controlled and electrically driven turbocharger, produces 476 hp, leaving behind a ratio of 238 hp per liter of displacement.

Mercedes AMG C63 Plug-in Hybrid1
New Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance.

All of the above give rise to an acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds for saloon and estate. The maximum speed can be up to 280 kilometers per hour if you have the optional AMG Driver’s Package, which will be 270 in the Estate, and 250 kilometers per hour without this package.

Design of the Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance

Such a technical deployment requires a distinguished image, and in general terms it can be said that this C 63 manages to mark distances with any conventional Mercedes C-Class. On its exterior there are elements that AMG has made very characteristic in recent years.

The design of the multi-spoke wheels, the quad exhaust outlets square shapes embedded in a high-gloss black diffuser and this in turn in a much more voluminous rear bumper make the rear gain in aggressiveness.

At the front, the already typical wide air intakes located in the lower part of the front are responsible for providing that extra muscle that distinguishes a sports version from the more normal ones, and now it is complemented by a narrow but pretentious air outlet in the center of the hood. the front grill Pan Americanwith vertical slats is, of course, another element that is already part of the identity of the Affalterbach house.

Mercedes AMG C63 Plug-in Hybrid2
New Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance.

According to AMG, the front structure is now 50 millimeters longer, accompanied by wider front fenders, 76 millimeters in total, while the new bumpers lead to a gain of 83 millimeters in total length.

Inside, the undoubted protagonists are the seats. It is a pair of semi-buckets that the brand calls “AMG Performance seats” and are marked by special graphics and a pattern of stitching that distinguish it from the previous generation of seats. Compared to the previous generation, the side seat cushions have openings that save weight and also allow for better ventilation.

Another piece of equipment that brings tangible and visible added value is the AMG Performance steering wheel fitted as standard with its striking double-spoke design and seamlessly integrated buttons on the surface.

interior mercedes AMG C63 plug-in hybrid
Interior of the new Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance.

It couldn’t be a Mercedes-Benz if the infotainment system MBUX, and this time it adapts to the needs of this plug-in hybrid with several screens and specific functions of AMG and hybrids. These include its own representations in the instrument cluster, in the vertical format central multimedia display and in the center console, as well as in the optional Head-up-Display (which also has Race and Supersport modes).

Through this system, the eight driving programs of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT, whose names correspond to Electric, Comfort, Battery Hold, Sport, Sport+, RACE, Smooth and Individual. Regardless of the mode selected, the full power of the electric motor can be enjoyed via the kick-down function, as the haptic accelerator pedal provides a perceptible pressure point that the driver’s foot must overcome to deliver its full potential.

Arrival date and price of the Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance in Spain

As usual in the German brand, its launches take several months after the presentation to the public of the final design and its technical specifications.

Based on the latter, it is to be expected that we will know the prices of the Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance before the end of the year, which will also mean the opening of the reservation period, while its commercialization will begin in full, predictably, during the first beats of 2023.

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