The Mengshi M-Terrain is a radical new Chinese electric SUV with more than 1,000 horsepower

Mengshi is a new brand of electric cars china that was born under the protection of Dongfeng, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the Asian country. The firm arrives with the purpose of marketing electric SUVs with a futuristic and military design, and they have presented two conceptual models that advance the lines of two potential production models, the Mengshi M-Terrain and M-Terrain S.

Mengshi translates from Chinese as “warrior” and it is precisely this spirit that they have tried to imprint on the exterior design of their two models. Such is the display of ribs in the bodywork, the incursion of off-road elements and aggressively cut aesthetic resources, that it is difficult to determine which is the most striking aspect of the two off-road vehicles, since the set of both seems very radical in its entirety.

The technical aspect of the two SUVs, which share an electrical system, is also not trivial. This is marked by the presence of four electric motors and a total power of 800 kW, which is equivalent to 1,087 hp. The total traction achieved by the four engines and such a power figure are responsible for achieving 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds, a time to consider in itself, but even more so considering that the weight of Both SUVs are around 3,500 kilos.

It will also have a rear axle capable of turning the wheels, which will give it a turning radius of 5.1 meters, improving its maneuverability in tight spaces and especially in off-road circumstances, because like the Hummer EV, It will feature a crab-type driving mode.

Mengshi M-Terrain.
Mengshi M-Terrain.

The brand has managed to make room for a battery whose capacity seems just as enormous as the power. As they have announced, the two electric SUVs will have a 140 kWh capacity package, which should give them a range of about 500 kilometers, although as usual in Chinese electric cars, the announced ranges are usually excessively far from those that are achieve in real circumstances.

The brand has also announced plug-in hybrid versions whose total autonomy will exceed 800 kilometers, since they understand that, depending on the use that each wants to give to a vehicle of this type, they must also offer the possibility of opting for as much autonomy as possible.

The main hallmark of the %22S%22 version of both models is that its rear has a more dynamic flattened design.
The main hallmark of the “S” version of both models is that its rear has a more dynamic flattened design.

In addition to the electrical diagram, the M-Terrain and the M-Terrain S are articulated around the same architecture. It is a scooter-type platform that works with a nominal voltage of 800 V, which, among other things, allows Mengshi’s off-road vehicles to achieve very high load powers, although they have not specified approximate data regarding the latter.

Despite the radical nature of both concepts, Mengshi has dared to describe the two prototypes as conceptual models whose design is very close to those of the production models. If so, the date of arrival on the streets should not be too far away.

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