The Madrid EMT is already building its green hydrogen station for electric buses

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) has invested 10.8 million euros in building its hydroelectric plant and the photovoltaic installation that will supply it at the Entrevías Operations Center, the Madrid City Council reported in a statement.

This is the first EMT project that has been obtained with an injection of FEDER funds, of 2.9 million euros. The EMT has just awarded the drafting and execution of the project.

The new refueling station will provide several green hydrogen recharging stations for the fleet of ten buses that the EMT plans to acquire in a first phase.

The project involves the commissioning of the necessary facilities for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen. It also includes the installation and commissioning of photovoltaic panels capable of generating all the energy necessary for the production of H2 from renewable sources.

Hydrogenera project and photovoltaic installation.
Hydrogenera project and photovoltaic installation.

In addition to the drafting and execution, the tender also includes both preventive and corrective maintenance of the facilities for five years. The total execution period of the project will be 19 and a half months.

Of the total amount of the award, the execution will amount to 10.2 million. Other items are also considered, such as the drafting of the project, with almost 238,000 euros, and the maintenance service, with more than 369,000 euros.

First operator with hydrogen fuel cell

Back in 2002, the EMT was the first Spanish transport operator to test the operation of hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses thanks to the CityCell and HyFleet:CUTE community projects.

In 2020, the municipal company signed a strategic alliance with the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center (CNH2) with the aim of promoting the development and implementation of technologies applied to this fuel.

Both the new Strategic Plan of the EMT, which will govern the course of the organization until 2025, and the Madrid 360 Environmental Strategy contemplate as an objective a green and decarbonized company with an energetically sustainable model.

To achieve this, the transformation of the fleet is a fundamental milestone, the City Council has pointed out: in December of this year the diesel vehicles will be withdrawn and the municipal fleet will only provide service with electric and natural gas buses.

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