The life of the Nissan LEAF comes to an end: it will soon leave the market

It was clear that sooner or later it was going to happen, even if nobody wanted it. The Nissan LEAF will soon be able to put the finishing touch to your active life, at least as we know it. The electric compact that revolutionized the market will not continue to be sold given its low sales volume. The announcement has not caught anyone by surprise, but it shows that in this life, being first only gives you the advantage you want to have. There is no predecessor in sight, although Nissan does have ambitious electrification plans for the coming years.

After the Carlos Goshn scandal, Nissan has lived through very turbulent and strange times. In a market as important as Europe, it has gone from dominating with its SUVs to almost disappearing. The Nissan Juke and Nissan Qashqai were undisputed sales leaders in their respective segments for years, but neglect in renewal has taken its toll on them. While the larger model is making a satisfactory comeback, sales of the Juke are faltering as many rivals have eaten up all the ground.

Very similar case is the one that has been experienced with the LEAF, which many say was a personal bet of the controversial Goshn. The former CEO of Nissan knew that the future was going to be dictated by electric cars and that is why, in 2010, he presented the first generation of the Nissan LEAF to the world.. We are talking about more than a decade ago. The world was very different from today. At that time there were no electrics on the market with a few exceptions. The LEAF was the first to be mass-produced, and for years it was the world’s best-selling electric car.

The Nissan LEAF updates its image for 2022
The LEAF will change format, and the name may be lost forever

Many consider it the precursor of a change that is already evident today. For 7 years the Nissan LEAF hardly changed its design or its technology, but that didn’t stop it from amassing hundreds of thousands of units sold around the world. In 2017, a second generation was launched on the market that extended the excellent features, but that’s when the drama came. More electric began to poke the leg, many of them with better qualities than the Japanese compact. The increasing rival supply and Nissan’s laziness in improving its product have brought us to the present moment.

The LEAF hardly has any weight in the markets. It has gone from selling more than half a million units throughout its commercial life to practically not selling anything. The situation is unsustainable, and at Nissan they know there is no going back. The LEAF is commercially dead and nothing will bring it back to life. The Nissan Ariya is the new jewel in the electric crown of the Japanese brand, the model that should return the firm to the position it should never have lost, although it has yet to prove it.

Looking ahead to the coming years, Nissan has a lot of work to do. Nissan has confirmed that for its third generation the LEAF will become an SUV, at least that is what the head of the brand in Europe assured a few months ago. Nevertheless, new rumors indicate that it is possible that the name will disappear from the company’s portfolio with the aim of making a clean slate. In a few years we will see, and also how much the Japanese are working on. 15 new electric models and solid-state batteries by 2030. It looks good.

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