The Lexus RZ electric shelled in 5 keys: its most interesting aspects

Toyota’s strategy for the future is to make Lexus a 100% electric brand by the year 2035. Although there are still a few years to go before then, the first steps on that path are already being taken. The Lexus RZ is the first of a kind. Although it is not the first electric of the house, that honor will always correspond to the Lexus UX, it is the first to be born with an exclusively electric focus. We tell you all the details and break down its main keys.

1. Design


At first glance, the Lexus RZ could not be more Lexus. With the traditional double trapezoidal grille, the shapes are the most attractive and insinuating. The electric condition allows you to cover the entire radiator grille, showing details reminiscent of other models of the house such as the Lexus NX or the RC sports car. In its side view, a coupé line is discovered where the nerves offer a muscular appearance.. Last but not least, the rear is also striking thanks to a light strip that runs the full width of the car, making it easily recognizable at night.

2. Platform

We have always said that the RZ can be considered the posh brother of the Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4X. The three are born from a close alliance and the shared use of the same structure; Toyota’s e-TNGA platform. Stick with this name because you’re going to get sick of hearing it for years to come. Developed particularly for the incipient electric family of the Toyota Group, the base stands out for its versatility and easy adaptation to various bodies, as is the case of the Lexus SUV, which extends its size to 4.8 meters in length with a wheelbase of 2.85 meters.

3. Technology and quality

If there is something that cannot be missing in a Lexus, it is technology. Toyota’s premium signature must be shown to the public not only with improved materials, but also with a particular and superior technology. The RZ sports systems that have never been seen in the house, such as the multimedia system with a 14-inch panel. Operated under a new operating system, the touch module manages all the car’s functionalities, including the many driving assistants with autonomy level 2 collected under the name Lexus Safety System+.

4. steering wheel yoke

Lexus RZ 450e interior.
Lexus RZ 450e interior.

Lexus is ahead of Tesla in presenting the first yoke steering wheel for the European market. Its atypical shapes hide an electronic management system steer-by-wire. A variable electric steering that shows a total steering wheel turn of 150 degrees. Engineers have developed it this way to avoid drivers having to cross their hands. It will come as standard in the medium and high finishes, being able to remove it optionally and betting on a traditional format. A round steering wheel that will come as standard in the lower finishes and that, unlike the yoke, will have a mechanical steering with a steering column.

5. Wiring diagram

At the moment Lexus has only presented the version rz450e, although we know that the range will be expanded with a less equipped version. In this case we are talking about a 71.4 kWh capacity battery that feeds two electric motors that generate a maximum power of 313 horsepower and 435 Nm of torque. Its autonomy has not been revealed in detail, although the brand announces a level higher than 400 kilometers with a consumption below 18 kWh for every 100 kilometers traveled. For recharging, systems of up to 150 kW in direct current and up to 11 kW in alternating current are chosen.

The commercial launch of the Lexus RZ will not take place until the end of 2022, with the first units arriving in December. It will not be necessary to wait so long to be able to reserve it since Lexus has opened the order book from now on. We cannot tell you anything about its price since we do not know it, although it is not strange for us to think of starting costs of about 50,000 euros. A new SUV, one born to be 100% electric and that will mark the beginning of a new era. So is the Lexus RZ.

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