The legendary BMW 3 Series is renewed, with several plug-in hybrid versions included

BMW presents the renewal of the most iconic model among its range of passenger cars, the BMW 3 Series. It is a half-life renewal with which the brand intends that this generation of its D-segment saloon faces the last part of its commercial cycle in a more solvent way with a twist in the aesthetic section and an important interior technological update. All this, in addition, with four plug-in hybrid versions for the sedan body and four for the family Touring.

One of the main aspects about the renewal of the 3 Series is that despite the fact that it shows clear ties in common with the iX, i7, X7 and other models presented by the brand in recent times, BMW has not followed the same path. aesthetics on its front.

The proof is in its front, as the two kidneys that make up its grill continue to sport a size and proportions that can be considered classic within the German firm, with the contours and the new double slats giving it more presence.

New BMW 3 Series.

BMW says the headlights, with full-LED technology as standard, are now much slimmer, with clear contours and daytime running lights arranged in an inverted ‘L’ shape to create a “harmonious and modern” look. Gloss black air intakes below the kidney grille cool the brake system and round off the look.

At the rear, for its part, BMW comments that it has achieved a cleaner design by giving more prominence thanks to more surfaces painted in body color, with the headlights and the protrusion of the wheel arches, which bulge the rear bumper. , adding width to the whole. They have also increased the size of the exhaust outlets from 90 to 100 millimeters to give more packing.

Interior of the renewed BMW 3 Series, with the BMW Curved Display as the main claim.

However, one of the main novelties in the new 3 Series is that it is now equipped with the same type of interior screen that we have seen in the new BMW 7 Series and i7, as well as in the BMW ix. It is a screen that the brand has baptized as BMW Curved Display, and that is actually made up of two screens, one located behind the steering wheel that acts as a dashboard with 12.3 inches in diameter, and a second with 14.9 inches, which is the one that presides over the interior and becomes relevant in terms of infotainment.

With it, BMW wants to progressively implement digitization in its midsize saloon, considerably reducing the number of buttons and physical controls in favor of touch and voice control, something that is not always positive. With the incursion of the new BMW Curved Display, the 3 Series gains the latest version of the brand’s operating system, the eighth-generation BMW iDrive. Beyond the purely technological, this new screen gives a much cleaner and more diaphanous design to the interior of the Series 3.

BMW 3 Series Touring Plug-in Hybrid.

The price of the renewed Series 3 for the Spanish market has yet to be confirmed, as well as the mechanical offer of its plug-in hybrid variants.

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