The leading electric bicycles at Eurobike 2022 along with cargo and gravel

Eurobike 2022 is announced full of new eventsmore than 1.500 exhibitors and one high forecast of visits eager to get back to normal after the pandemic. The international bicycle industry will be present at this event held in a new location, frankfurt Between the days July 13 and 17, 2022. There, electric bicycles and cargo bikes will be the real protagonists of the most important exhibition in the world related to this sector. Alongside the electrification of the bike, gravel bikes are currently becoming a trend when it comes to the sporty off-road range

The presence of foreign visitors for the first time since 2019 it will give Eurobike its international touch. The first edition of Eurobike took place in the small town of Friedrichshafen, in Germany. It lasted a single day and was limited to showing, in the open air, some novelties of the sector. After a couple of strange years caused by the pandemic, Eurobike 2022 takes place in the midst of the transformation process of the industry, to focus on urban mobility, in the financial heart of the Eurozone, Frankfurt. This demonstrates the ambitions of today’s industry focused on electric and cargo bikes.

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The presence of foreign visitors for the first time since 2019 will give Eurobike its international touch.

Industry challenges

Eurobike aspires to play an important role in the future of urban mobility and industry and this year shows this ambition to potential investors and the rest of the world. The fair shows a whole display of new ideas and concepts in the bicycle industry. The connectivity, data collection, electronic changes and the mobility of the future. At the same time, the market faces great challenges, and not only in the supply chain. The sustainability of production and bicycle frames in Europe has become a reality and will be presented at the fair for the first time.

The relocation of the world’s largest bicycle show in combination with new dynamics in the industry has created a great challenge for the organization of Eurobikand. “We have not forgotten the sporting perspective on cycling,” the organization wrote in a statement. However, the program of the fair delves into the issues that will define the future of this industry.

Young companies: innovation

Digital Academy, and Cargo Academy will feature the presentation of the City Changer Cargo Bike project and the start-up & innovation day, which aims to bring together new companies, SMEs, investors, scientists and public sector actors.

At the eastern end of start-up and innovation, the Eurobike Innovator Awards that highlight young companies, start-ups and innovations in the bicycle industry and pioneering products, services and concepts.

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Electric cargo bikes will also be protagonists at Eurobike 2022.

The shortage of batteries also affects bicycles

In the short term, the most pressing problem in the electric bicycle industry is the huge shortage of batteries. The rapid increase in its sales in Europe and in the North American markets poses a problem for suppliers as important as the German company Bosch, which supplies electrical assistance systems to a large part of the industry.

Today it is not surprising that consumers have to wait between six and ten months to get a battery for your electric bike. Long lead times for this single essential component will create opportunities for more battery manufacturers who have a chance to hatch an egg in a currently very buoyant market.

electric cargo bikes

There is no doubt that within the electrification of transport that society is experiencing, electric bicycles are one of the best inventions. Anyone who gets on one of them for the first time is amazed at what they are capable of with their little electric pedal-assist systems. Such is their usefulness that, one step further, electric cargo bikes aspire to replace many of the cars that currently saturate cities.

Its utility for individuals It lies in the possibility of installing seats to take the children to school or charging boxes to be able to make purchases from day to day without needing a combustion vehicle or even an electric car.

In addition, the last mile deliverythat which refers above all to small light parcels that are delivered in the center and on the outskirts of large cities, is entrusted almost entirely to small vans which, in some cases, are electrical. However, this throne that until now seemed indisputable will be threatened in the coming years by a vehicle that until now had not been seen as a competitor: the electric cargo bikes According to one report, they are 60% faster at doing this job than vans.

Eurobike 2022 frankfurt electric bikes cargo gravel-interior3
Without forgetting the sporty nature of bicycles, the trend is moving towards gravel bikes: more robust than road bikes, lighter than trekking bikes and more versatile than other categories of bicycles.

gravel bikes

Together with the electrification of the bicycle, currently gravel bikes are becoming a trend when it comes to the off-road sport range. As a concept, the gravel bike bridges the gap between pure road bikes and touring bikes by adding some mountain bike elements as well.

These types of bicycles are also perfect for cyclists. Stronger than road bikes, lighter than touring bikes and more versatile than other bike categories. With the category of gravel bikes, Eurobike will show how trends harmonize with the concept of mobility.

euro bike 2022

The 30th edition of Eurobike will be held from Wednesday, July 13 to Sunday, July 17, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at its new location in Frankfurt, Germany. On Saturday and Sunday it will be open to the general public. The idea of ​​mobility, the urban bicycle, and also micromobility and digitization have been actively and to a greater extent incorporated into the contents of the fair.

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