The launch version of the electric Lightyear One already has a price

Solar electric cars have always been shown to the public with a possible alternative. We have always seen them associated with important development or research projects, but until the introduction of the Lightyear One, few seemed to dare to make the leap to mass production. The Dutch model will be brought into production, and people will be able to buy it, although yes, we fear that due to its high price only a few will be able to access it comfortably.

Lightyear’s project has covered many covers and news throughout the world. An electric with solar panels capable of saying goodbye to anxiety about the range of autonomy. On paper the figures are spectacular, but surely you do not like the retail price of this technological wonder so much. The first units went on sale for the modest price of 149,000 euros. With only 150 models produced worldwide, the Edition Pioneer units commanded a high but reasonable price.

After all, it is the price to pay for an incipient technology with a high development cost. At that time nobody threw their hands to their heads since everyone understood that it was a “reasonable” price for a car that is more of a prototype than anything else. Everyone expected that the following editions would be somewhat more affordable in price, but unfortunately this will not be the case. Lightyear has brought out a new edition of the One, more expensive, much more expensive.

The Lightyear One uses solar panels to increase its autonomy

100,000 euros more than the launch model. Namely, Lightyear wants to ask 250,000 euros for a new version of the One that he plans to call Limited Edition. At the moment nothing has transpired about whether this new and very expensive version will have any improvement over the first units. The Dutch brand hides behind the fact that development and production costs have grown, and that quarter of a million euros is a realistic price taking into account the whole.

Admittedly, the Lightyear One is one of the most advanced cars in the world. Its technology aspires to become standard. With a battery of just 60 kWh, similar to that offered by a KIA e-Niro, thanks to the solar panels and a very elaborate aerodynamics, it offers a range of 725 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. An excellent data and very close to that of a Mercedes EQS 580 that starts its prices at 153,586 euros.

Lightyear has ambitious plans on the table. The first of them is the entry into production of the One, expected for the second half of the year. In the more distant future, it hopes to produce a compact model with the same technology and at a much more reasonable price; about 30,000 euros. Obviously, those are the figures that are being considered today, but who knows if when the time comes the sale price will finally be that. Only time will dictate the success or not of the Dutch manufacturer, but what is clear is that at these prices it will not be very popular.

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