The largest lithium mine in Spain will not be exploited in the open pit

The largest lithium deposit in Europe is located in Spain. Cáceres has, in the vicinity of Valdeflores, one of the mines yet to be exploited that seems most critical in the incipient energy phase. Now, a statement from the main company candidate for exploitation makes it clear that the deposit will not be exploited in the openwhich will have potential consequences in the field of the launch of electric cars whose production will take place in our country.

This has been communicated by Extremadura New Energies, the joint venture that is running as the main candidate for the administration of the exploitation. The causes of the change of direction in the project are intended, as the company has specified, to be compatible with the preservation of the affected area.

The company has stated that “it has always considered that mining exploitation, which is a source of wealth for Cáceres, must be compatible with the preservation of the affected area for the old project of the San José Mine”.

In short, Extremadura New Energies has made a statement to the Junta de Extremadura in which they declare that they will not carry out any open-pit exploitation, as stated in the original project, presented in 2019. This news reaches, in its time, hand in hand fledgling presentation of a new project that contemplates an exploitation process exclusively through underground galleries.

Open pit lithium mine.
Open pit lithium mine.

The company has also requested that within the administration any type of information related to the previous project is eliminated, which contemplated open pit mining, in order to “avoid any type of confusion, misinterpretation or misrepresentation of the new project”. This study will be presented when the regulations from the administrative and procedural point of view allow it.

And there is a open judicial process which is directly related to the request of the mining company. As reported by the newspaper Hoy, there is an appeal from the company against the denial of the research permit by the Junta de Extremadura in April 2021. This dispute is currently pending a resolution that, depending on the ruling, will mark the future of the project.

This change of course is largely due to the citizen oppositionwhich thanks to movements such as Save the Mountain, the main platform that fights against the exploitation of the mine, is close to 30,000 allegations against the exploitation, which represents almost 30% of the population taking into account account that in Cáceres live about 100,000 people.

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