The KIA EV6 confirms its commitment to safety and wins the five stars of Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP is the test for all types of vehicles in which its commitment to the safety of its occupants is put to the test. On this occasion it was the turn of the electric KIA EV6, which already enjoys a good reputation and is well received by the public for its aesthetics, interior quality and, above all, for its good specifications as a “zero emission” car. Now, a new reason for purchase will be your five stars achieved in the aforementioned accident test.

In the last round of tests in which the KIA EV6 participated, other models from various brands were also tested, such as the Mercedes C-Class, the Volkswagen Multivan, the also electric Volvo C40 Recharge, the Opel Astra and the Peugeot 308. All of them approved. with a good note. In the case of the electric ones, both reached 5 stars which qualifies as very good active and passive safety for its occupants. All of them were presented to the tests with the standard equipment, no previously modified bodywork or components.

In the case of the South Korean model, it has not disappointed in the least and has received its five stripes, just as its first cousin, the IONIQ 5, did last October. In the case of the KIA, it improved slightly in some situations the brands previously stipulated by IONIQ. In this aspect, the EV6 scored 90% in the category of safety for an adult occupant (the IONIQ 5 reached 88%), while in the child occupant category, the result was 86%, the same as its Hyundai cousin.

In the other category belonging to the case of vulnerable road users (to a greater extent it refers to users in the event of being run over) the KIA EV6 achieved a score of 64% (the IONIQ 5 did the same with 63%). The reason for this much lower score than in the rest of the sections is mainly due to the fact that it does not have an active hood for specific cases of being run over, which could raise said score to just over 80%.

Finally, the KIA EV6 obtained a score of 87% for the safety assistants section. Among them is the active braking alert system or the blind spot assistant, among others. Comparing it again with his first cousin, the IONIQ obtained a score of 88%, one point above the KIA.

Broadly speaking, the KIA EV6 is positioned as one of the safest electric cars on the market, which adds to its many other advantages, such as autonomy, power, fast charging and, entering a more personal field, its exterior design. In the latest tests carried out on electric cars so far in 2022, the aforementioned Volvo C40 Recharge, the Renault Megane E-Tech and our protagonist, the KIA EV6, have been tested.

Among all of them, the one that achieves a higher overall average score is the Swedish model; behind this is the EV6, while a step below we find the French model. All of them, likewise, have been made with a total of five stars, so they are positioned as some of the safest electric cars. In this way they join models such as the Polestar 2 or the Volkswagen ID.4, among others, which already reached the highest marks last year 2021.

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