The Iveco eDaily is presented with modular batteries and up to 400 km of autonomy

The celebration of the industrial vehicle show in Hannover has been the setting chosen by Iveco for the presentation of many novelties. The most important of these is the commercial launch of the Iveco eDaily, the 100% electric unit that makes an appearance with interesting novelties with respect to similar models in the category. Its launch has just been made, although it will still have to wait a few months for it to start being available at the company’s official points of sale.

In one fell swoop, three have been Iveco’s most important revelations at the 2022 IAA. The first of these is its association with Nikola and Hyundai. Two joint ventures very interesting that will result industrial models with state-of-the-art technologies based on hydrogen cells. Together with the Koreans, they have presented a functional prototype of Iveco hydrogen, although at the moment it has not transpired if it will end up becoming a reality.

Multiple bodies available for the 100% electric version of the Iveco Daily

However, this time we focus on a unit that has been announced for production, the Iveco eDaily. Everyone was waiting for his arrival and finally it has been. Unlike other electric vans, Iveco has prepared important mechanical differences that will make this a very special electric van. The Italian brand repeatedly states that It is the same Daily that was already present on the market, but with a 100% electric mechanism. and lower operating costs.

Under its body there is a format of modular batteries. With a capacity of 37 kWh, the Iveco eDaily can add three battery packs, so the maximum capacity can be 37, 74 and 111 kWh. The choice depends on the customer and in this way Iveco responds to different needs and potential customers. If we talk about autonomy, only a maximum operating range of 400 kilometers in the urban cycle has been confirmed. We imagine it will be with the combination of triple battery and smaller body.

A bidirectional system allows the eDaily to act as a power source of up to 15 kW

The eDaily is available in several possible bodies: chassis, double cab chassis, minibus and panel van. If we take the capacities of the thermal versions as a reference, there are no variations: between 3.5 and 7.2 tons and between 10.8 and 16 cubic meters. The 4.25-tonne versions with a single or twin wheel on the rear axle are suitable for circulation with the B license. As we have already said, the range of autonomy varies between 110 and 400 kilometres. The same features are offered in all formats: 188 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque.

Of course, a wide range of equipment with numerous elements that make life on board and work much easier cannot be missing. One of the most important novelties is the incorporation of an external power outlet with up to 15 kW, allowing the Iveco eDaily to act as a power source for various tools of different kinds. At the moment the specific date of arrival on the market or the starting price has not been specified, although taking into account similar units, initial sales prices close to 60,000 euros can be expected without offers or promotions.

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