The intention to buy electric scooters and e-bikes soars

The new mobility is here to stay. Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs) are changing the face of our cities and the way we get around.

According to the UN, By 2050, 70% of the population will live in large cities.. This will have a direct impact on the way people move, promoting a change from the combustion car towards new urban mobility solutions and services.

The micromobility offered by electric scooters and bicycles is one of the keys to getting so many people concentrated in a limited space to move efficiently and sustainably.

According to a report by the Cetelem Observatory, 25% of Spaniards intend to buy a scooter or an electric bike in the coming months and 42% have considered changing their private combustion vehicle in favor of new urban mobility alternatives.

As to the most determining factors in the purchase choice of an electric bicycle or scooter, consumers give more importance to the price (47% of cases), followed by the store or brand committing to sustainability (29%).

On whether they would acquire these products new or second hand, the answer is clear: 61% of Spanish consumers would consider buying a second-hand electric bicycle or scooter; and only 29% say they would always buy it new, with those over 45 standing out above the average, with 33%.

best selling vehicles

All this interest in electric mobility has led to an increase in online sales of electric scooters and bicycles through specialized platforms such as According to their data, the best-selling electric scooter in 2021 has been the XIAOMI Mi Electric Scooter 1Sfollowed by Cecotec Bongo Series A Connected and the SmartGyro Xtreme Speedway V2.0.

For its part, the best-selling e-bikes on its platform have been the Moma Bikes EBIKE-28 Profollowed by the Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike and of the F.lli Schiano E-Moon.

Manuel Garcia, CEO of the platform, assures that the market is looking at this type of solution as an alternative in a context in which concern for the environment is increasing and fuel prices are constantly rising.

In the year 2021, the platform detected a growth of more than one 100% in the interest of customers to acquire personal mobility vehicles and a 200% in its sales of electric vehicles. Another important fact to note is that for every 5 purchases of electric VMP, 4 correspond to a scooter and 1 to an electric bicycle.

Of the best selling scootersthe following characteristics can be highlighted:

XIAOMI Mi Electric Scooter 1S

xiaomi 1s
XIAOMI Mi Electric Scooter 1S.

The Xiaomi brand has devastated all its potential in this sector. In 2021, it presented 3 scooter models: the Essential Litethe 1S and his TOP model, the Pro 2. Of these 3, the one with the best value for money is the 1S and that is the main reason why it was the best-selling electric vehicle last year.

We are faced with an elegant scooter, easily foldable and not very heavy: 12kg. In all this small size, they have been able to assemble a battery with a autonomy of 30 km. In addition, it has a 250W motor rating that allows you to reach the 25km/h no problem. Value that is the legal limit to drive a scooter on the Spanish permitted routes.

One of its strengths is also how easily customizable it is: there are many accessories and spare parts compatible with this scooter, which makes it a reference model to improve it in various aspects, for example, in the wheels. This scooter has wheels 10 inch inflatables that replace those of 8.5 inches that it has as standard, granting greater stability and firmness in driving.

Its approximate price is €370.

Cecotec Bongo Series A Connected

Cecotec Bongo Series A Connected.

The Spanish brand Cecotec broke in at the end of 2020 with its models of electric scooters. first with the A seriesand later with Z and S series (the latter was discontinued in mid-2021).

This electric scooter whose price is €300has very balanced characteristics that make it rank number 2 in sales: it has a range of 25km (duplicable as it has an interchangeable battery embedded in the handlebar), a motor that provides a nominal power of 350 W, and a maximum speed of 25km/h.

This connected version also has mobile app to control the parameters of the scooter, just like all Xiaomi scooters have.

An element to highlight of this scooter is its 8.5-inch tubeless anti-puncture wheels: since they do not have an air chamber, the possibility of puncturing is much less.

His weight, 13.5kgit is somewhat superior to the Xiaomi scooter, but also totally practical to use it on public transport or transport it in the trunk of the car.

SmartGyro Xtreme Speedway V2.0

SmartGyro Xtreme Speedway V2.0.

The star scooter if size and weight do not matter to you. For its price (approximately €530), no electric scooter is going to offer you these features: 800W motor nominal power, speed up to 45 km/h (limited by software to 25km/h to respect traffic laws), autonomy of 45 kmand some 10 inch tubeless wheels that they will be able to on any terrain.

Users looking for an off-road scooter at a competitive price always chose this smartgyro for its power and reasonable price. Other electric scooters like the well-known Ice Q5 or the dualtronfar exceed the €1,000 Price. In this case for half the price we have a real beast.

Thanks to your XL base for feet, and the 10-inch wheels, the feeling of stability that this scooter gives is absolute, much more than the Xiaomi and Cecotec scooter versions. But of course, the problem is his weight: 20.5kg.

Despite the fact that the scooter has a folding system, both for the handlebars and for the grips, that high weight makes it perhaps somewhat less attractive for many users.

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