The ID.7, Volkswagen’s electric saloon, already has a presentation date

Volkswagen hopes to carry out the landing of a whole range of electric models in the coming years, thus completing the current family of vehicles more focused on SUV-type bodies, in addition to the ID.Buzz van. Rumors have been coming from the German company for years about the launch of an electric sedan to stand up to the Tesla Model 3, which has been known as Volkswagen Aero B. Now, finally, we can say that The official presentation date of the electric model has already been revealed and it will be sooner than expected.

From Volkswagen they describe this new model as “the first fully electric limousine for the Chinese car market” since this will be its main sales environment, although, of course, it will also will be available for purchase in Europe and North Americafor which, their production will be carried out on the plant that owns the brand in Emden, Germany.

We were recently able to learn through a leaked report that this vehicle will take the ID.7 nomenclature, mainly because the numbers below it are already assigned to other models. Once the car is presented in society and begins its worldwide marketing, Volkswagen will also launch an alternative body variant called ID.7 Tourer and will be represented by a family line, which was advanced by the so-called Volkswagen Space Vizzion Concept ago. some years.

According to new specific information, Next Monday, June 27, Volkswagen will present a first concrete image of its future electric saloon call to compete face to face with the Tesla Model 3, as well as other alternative models such as the Polestar 2 or the BMW i4, among others. Currently this is a segment that is on the rise among the different manufacturers, providing potential customers with a greater variety of products.

PHOTO - This car will be an electric alternative to the current Volkswagen Passat copy
This car will be an electric alternative to the current Volkswagen Passat.

The Volkswagen ID.7 that will be released in just a few days it will particularly serve as an electric alternative to the current Volkswagen Passat, since their dimensions will be very similar between both models, as well as their own potential audience. However, rumors speak of a much more spacious passenger compartment in the ID.7 mainly due to the absence of bulky mechanics and the possibility of making much better use of the vehicle’s dimensions for this purpose.

This model will be based on the next evolution of the MEB platform and will allow equipping a battery with a capacity of up to 100 kWh, which will directly result in a range of up to 700 kilometres, which will be a milestone in electric car technology. the German firm. Additionally, later a more performance variant and sealed by the new surname GTX. This sportier alternative will be able to run from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds, thus being faster than the current Volkswagen ID.4 GTX.

Although the definitive appearance that this electric saloon will have is still unknown, in recent months some images have been leaked, such as that of its front, where the main lines that this car will incorporate can be guessed; Additionally, last January we were able to see some spy photos where certain aesthetic details of the future Volkswagen ID.7 were more clearly appreciated.

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