The Hyundai Nexo again delays its renewal plans: these are the reasons

It was the year 2018 when Hyundai presented the Nexo in partnership. The company’s first hydrogen car has become a world benchmark for a technology that is finding it difficult to integrate into the market. The options available today are scarce, although more and more brands are betting on hydrogen, mainly for the transport and logistics sectors. The Hyundai Nexo It should have received an update by now, but it is still stalled by various issueswhich in turn has caused the plans that were hanging over him to be delayed.

The hydrogen-powered passenger car industry is, at best, in its infancy. The Honda FCX Clarity was ahead of its time. Launched on the market long before the world proposed electric mobility, it was the first to dare with the change, although it did not go very well. The Toyota Mirai saw years later that there was a possibility of introducing an alternative fuel in our lives, and Although its impact was a little higher, it failed to arouse public interest given the almost non-existent charging network.

However, in recent times, alternative systems are already a reality. Hydrogen has a long way to go, and in 2018 Hyundai presented the first generation of the Nexo in partnership. An SUV with a hydrogen cell that has barely been represented in the market due to the same problems for which the Mirai did not succeed either. Despite this, for Hyundai it is a very important technological showcase, and that is why they have been working for years on a renewal that never comes. Various reports point to a further delay.


At Hyundai, they are clearly committed to hydrogen in order to serve a unique mobility offer in the world. Last year the Hyundai Group announced that in 2028 it wanted to offer hydrogen versions for all commercial models in the rangeand that in 2025 it would develop fuel cell models for the KIA and Genesis brands, but these may not even happen as the Koreans are rethinking the strategy for their passenger vehicle offering.

The Nexus should be getting an update soon, but this one has been delayed once again, until 2024, given the problems that have arisen in the development of the evolved fuel cell. Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis has yet to set a hydrogen launch roadmap, completely stalled since late last year. It is normal for Koreans to rethink their strategy since the growth of the market has been practically nil. With the exception of Toyota, no other company is committed to hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

In contrast, Hyundai wants to focus on its electric range. All investments are focused on improving the products of the Ioniq and EV offer. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the KIA EV6 have shown their good work in the market, and the plans are to expand the offer to which Genesis will also join. We have recently been able to meet the Hyundai Ioniq 6, and in a few months the next unit, the Hyundai Ioniq 7, should come to light. The hydrogen route seems dead, although Hyundai may continue to bet on it as a claim and showcase.

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