The Hyundai Ioniq 6 shows its most basic sketches and announces the launch date

Although the road has been more tortuous than expected, soon the Hyundai Ioniq 6 will be among us in a real and obvious way. The Koreans are finalizing the testing and development process and as the presentation date is getting closer, the process of gradual discovery has begun with the release of the first official sketches showing that the appearance of the electric sedan it will be simple as well as advanced in its aerodynamic efficiency.

In a short time Hyundai has managed to establish itself as one of the reference conglomerates in the electric market. With sensible products, and attractive in design and price, the Ioniq family will soon set new benchmarks in terms of design, autonomy and technology. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has revolutionized the market, but it hopes to be surpassed by its big brother, the Ioniq 6. The Koreans have confirmed that they will officially present it at the end of this monthalthough the first time it can be seen in person will be during the celebration of the Busan Motor Show on July 14.

That means that in just a few weeks we will be able to see what Hyundai has been working on in the last two years. Aesthetically speaking, the Ioniq 6 is expected to have a unique look. The sketches now presented prove it, confirming in passing that the Hyundai Prophecy prototype has been the inspiration for the development. It will be a model very similar to that concept unveiled in 2020although it is rumored that the delay in the launch has been caused by a profound redesign of various sections as they are considered too “risky”.

The release of the first official sketches showing that the appearance of the electric sedan it will be simple as well as advanced in its aerodynamic efficiency.

Throughout these years we have been able to learn details with a dropper. Exhibited numerous times at various stages of its development phase, we have been able to get a glimpse of what the interior of this revolutionary electric saloon will look like. At the same time that the first aesthetic details were filtered, the technical and technological details of the Hyundai Ioniq 6 have been presentedwhich will come to show itself as a long-range electric, all from a theoretical point of view that will have to be confirmed in the real world.

The first information pointed to the Ioniq 6, using the Hyundai Group e-GMP platformthe same used by the Ioniq 5 and the KIA EV6, will be able to reach autonomies of up to 506 kilometers with mechanical versions of up to 306 horsepoweryes Its main rivals will be models like the Tesla Model 3 given a size that will extend to 4.85 meters long, 1.49 meters high and 1.88 meters wide with a wheelbase of 2.95 meters. We are not talking about a small or discreet sedan.

One of the fundamental aspects and that is still pending confirmation is the price. The commercial offer with which the Hyundai Ioniq 6 will make an appearance in the markets is totally unknown, although it is expected that the price will be slightly higher than that of the Ioniq 5. That means that the estimated sale price can easily exceed 50,000 euros. We will have to wait to know the prices in detail, since the commercial launch will not take place until next year.

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