The Hyundai Ioniq 6 is now official! Say hello to the long-awaited Model 3 rival electric saloon

After a long time talking and hearing things about him, The Hyundai Ioniq 6 is finally officially presented. The third model of the Ioniq family is launched to the world after accumulating months of delay. Its image is its most outstanding and disruptive aspect. A design that promises not to leave anyone indifferent when looking natural. Its arrival on the markets will still take a few months, but its rivals must already begin to fear it, the largest of them: the Tesla Model 3.

The Hyundai Group wants to become a major player in the global electricity market. His Ioniq family continues to add units. The Ioniq 6 comes after the Hyundai Ioniq and the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which is garnering excellent reviews and sales around the world. In this case, the Korean brand moves away from the country or SUV concept to present us with a very stylish coupé sedan with a groundbreaking design. Pushing traffic regulations to the limit, the Ioniq 6 shows a very low and sporty look. Its design is clearly reminiscent of the Hyundai Prophecy Concept, that prototype that we saw a couple of years ago.

The Ioniq 6 displays a muscular, very low and sporty look

Spectacular from every angle. The Hyundai Ioniq 6 not only shows an extremely striking exterior with the already characteristic parametric lights of the house, the spectacularity also reaches an interior where minimalism and digitization stand out. Two screens together, like those of the Ioniq 5, concentrate almost all the attention of the cabin. A lower multichannel panel will allow the management of some functionalities such as air conditioning. Hyundai has given great importance to the set of interior lights, showing a very striking setting that can be managed individually.

The set of lights is only part of the many equipment that the Hyundai Ioniq 6 can enjoy. The most advanced electric saloon will show off elements as striking as the double multimedia panel with 12 inches each screenHead-Up Display, wireless connectivity for mobile devices, and digital rear-view mirrors, as well as voice control, automatic climate control, navigator and a wide range of security and driving assistants with autonomy level 2.

The interior of the Ioniq 6 is striking for its double screen or the digital mirrors

Under all this structure, the well-known E-GMP platform of the Korean conglomerate is presented., the same one used by the Ioniq 5 and the KIA EV6. At the moment the measurements have not been detailed, although it seems that its length will be around 4.7 meters with an approximate wheelbase of 3 meters. These measures will integrate it into the segment of category D sedans, where rival models such as the Model 3, the BMW i4 or the Polestar 2 are already showing off, in addition to their brothers with the same platform.

Hyundai has not given great details of the drive system of the Ioniq 6, although it has advanced some other particularity. As we already imagined, will use the largest battery in the house, the 77.4 kWh to be associated with one or two electric motors. The only configuration announced offers 313 horsepower with a maximum autonomy of 515 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.. Soon all possible options and configurations will be reported. Hyundai has announced that it will give full details next month. Its marketing will start first in South Korea and will later be extended to other markets such as Europe, including Spain, throughout the first half of next year.

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