The hybrid Suzuki Jimny will have electric technology from Toyota and a 5-door body

The Suzuki Jimny is one of the few affordable (or relatively affordable) pure SUVs still for sale in the world. In Europe, due to poor planning by Suzuki in terms of emissions, its sale was prematurely ceased, and since then the return of the Japanese SUV has been on the table at all times in the form of a hybrid car. Now, thanks to these spy photos taken in Europe and based on the latest rumors coming out of India, the hybrid Suzuki Jimny makes more sense than ever.

What is most striking about the model that has been hunted by spy photographers is something that the camouflage of the unit in question fails to hide, is that it is a unit with five-door bodyalthough it is not the first time that it has been seen with this type of camouflaged bodywork.

This aspect is indicative that Suzuki intends to reach a larger audience with this new version of its off-roader, since the previous Jimny, with its body of just three and a half meters and trunk of 85 liters capacitydid not meet the practical facet that many buyers are looking for.

Suzuki Jimny 5 door 13
Suzuki Jimny with a five-door body.

Judging by the images, however, the trunk does not promise to gain too much capacity with respect to the three-door version, although it will predictably have a few more liters of capacity. The main gain in terms of dimensions promises to be in the rear row of seats thanks to a wheelbase that promises to grow about 25 centimeters based on the latest reports coming out of India about the Japanese SUV.

Added to this aspect is the fact that Toyota and Suzuki confirmed weeks ago, through a press release that went unnoticed by the media, that through Suzuki Maruti, the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese firm in this country, the production of an SUV with hybrid technology from Toyota both for sale in India and for export to other markets.

To this official confirmation is added that the engineers who tested the camouflaged unit that accompanies these lines, in an oversight, left the driver’s door open, revealing an automatic transmission in the Jimny test. Previously, Suzuki already marketed an automatic version of the Jimny, but the fact that this unit has been hunted with an automatic transmission may be indicative that it is finally a hybrid, since Toyota only markets hybrid cars linked to a CVT-type automatic transmission. .

Suzuki Jimny 5 door 6
Control station of the Suzuki Jimny with a five-door body.

Be that as it may, and based on the fact that Suzuki has been testing five-door units of the Jimny for more than a year, there is a possibility of seeing it before the end of the year so that during 2023 gradually reach the different markets to which it is destined, among them, hopefully, also Spain.

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