The Hummer EV receives a software update to improve its off-road capabilities

The Hummer EV is being a shock to the electric car sector in the United States, and more specifically, that of the models with pick-up or off-road bodywork. However, and although the model has received a massive reception on the North American country, the truth is that the Hummer EV still has room for improvement in terms of off-road capabilities; For this reason, the company’s board of directors has launched a software update that directly affects your suspension equipmentwhich will now be even higher.

The Hummer EV has enormous attributes that make it very capable on difficult terrain and far from the asphalt, with a huge size and capabilities, as well as a traction controlled by software or a ground clearance of remarkable elevation. However, it is on this last section that the last software update that has been sent via remote for free to the owners of the model. With this novelty, the Hummer EV will reach a higher ground clearance, which now reaches 40.4 centimeters.

With this, the electric SUV will be able to overcome generous natural barriers to make its powers even more capable on off-road terrain. This update is part of what GMC calls “ExtractMode” (translated as “extraction mode”). With these new 40.4 centimeters of ground clearance, the Hummer EV is positioned above the main models of its competition, such as the Rivian R1T or other thermal mechanical alternatives, such as the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Ford Bronco Raptor or the Ram 1500 TRX.

With the setup set in “Normal Mode”, the Hummer EV offers a ground clearance of 25.7 centimeters, which means an approach angle of 41.5 degrees, 22.3 degrees for the ventral and 31.6 degrees of departure. In the so-called “Elevated Mode” the increase in ground clearance is just under 5 centimeters, thus reaching 30.2 centimeters; on its approach, breakover, and departure angles are 44.3 degrees, 25.4 degrees, and 33.7 degrees, respectively.

However, with this new “Extract Mode”, the Hummer EV gains a lift point above the last mentioned, detonating directly into an additional 10 centimeters of ground clearance. With this, the new capabilities of the electric pick-up are located in the 40.4 centimeters of ground clearance, 49.7 degrees approach angle, 32.2 degrees breakover, and 38.4 degrees departure. With this, the wading capacity now reaches 81.3 centimeters, well above the “Normal” and “Elevated” modes and its 66 and 71.1 centimeters, respectively. Of course, this also results in an increase of 102 millimeters in the total height of the car, which is thus above 2.20 meters (the height with the “Normal Mode” selected will be 2,050 mm).

From the GMC Hummer management they have made it known that their initial plans have always been to provide a fully capable vehicle on any terrain, therefore this free update for all customers is of great importance in positioning the vehicle itself on the competent market. . This will reach their respective owners in the next few days.

Let us remember that in the coming years General Motors hopes to resume sales and marketing of its models on the European market. In the first instance they hope to start with the range of electric models of the Cadillac firm, although they have already stated that the gigantic Hummer EV is also in their expansion plans towards the old continent.

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