The Honda ZR-V 2023 is presented as a great bet with the mechanics of the Civic

Honda has a very important couple of years ahead of it in its global relaunch strategy. The Japanese brand wants to offer more cars in more markets and categories. The launch of the Honda e marked a before and after. Starting next year we will have within our reach the new Honda ZR-Va compact SUV that will try to stand up to the most popular segment of the European market, and will do so with a very interesting bet.

The Japanese know that there is a gap to fill between their two SUVs. The ZR-V will arrive to fill that vacancy between the Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V. With measures of 4.57 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.62 meters high, it’s 5 inches shorter than a CR-V, and 9 inches longer than an HR-V. To all these measures must be added a wheelbase of 2.65 meters, right in between its brothers. They all share the same ACE (Advanced Compability Engineering) platform..

The ZR-V will have its own design, although with the usual aesthetic line of Honda

It is clear that Honda has opted for a different and more particular design, something typical within the brand. Although it does not borrow any of the creative licenses of its brothers, the ZR-V bets on the new design concept of the house. Marked and rounded lines that convey a pleasant sensation of quality and sportiness. It’s more attractive than the HR-V, and some details are somewhat reminiscent of the Honda Civic, like the shape of the headlights.

Inside the doors, the appearance is much more sober. Highlights the simplicity of a cabin where everything revolves around the driver. A minimalist concept where digitization takes almost all the limelight. Two large panels are in charge of the information related to driving and the multimedia system, operated under the new Honda operating system, previously released in the compact. Those of Tokyo decide to separate elements such as air conditioning so as not to cause inattention in drivers.

The interior is not very excellent in details. Minimalism focuses on two large screens

The Honda ZR-V not only replicates part of the Civic’s design, but also shares the mechanical offer with it. It will arrive in Europe exclusively as a hybrid model with the new e:HEV powertrain.. A scheme composed of a two-liter atmospheric gasoline block that is accompanied by two electric motors and a small electric battery. Although the performance figures have not yet been announced, the results are expected. 184 horses and 313 Nm of torque already shown in the compact.

In terms of launch times, the ZR-V will first make an appearance in its country of origin. In Japan it will be possible to book it from next September, hoping to deliver the first units in the fall. Europe, including Spain, will have to wait a little longer. His arrival in the old continent is scheduled for the middle of next year. Until then we will not know their sale prices, although we can estimate an approximate launch cost of about 38,000 euros.

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