The Honda NSX could return to the streets, and if it does, it will be in the form of a 100% electric car

From time to time we all remember that mythical video where a certain Ayrton Senna gave us a great lesson in sports driving on the Suzuka track aboard an original NSK. The Japanese sports car is among the big names in the category, although the latest generation has passed through the market very discreetly. Doubts about a possible renewal fly over the company’s offices. Nobody can confirm that the Honda NSX will return, but what they do know is that if it returns it will do so in an exclusively electric format..

It is normal that Honda has many doubts about a new NSX. After the poor sales of the last generation, the Japanese do not know what to do. In 2015, seven years ago, the launch of a new NSX shocked the world. We can say that it was one of the first sports cars in the world to be presented in a hybrid format. Its 581 horsepower and 698 Nm of torque were the most excitingbut they failed to capture the public’s attention like the original editions.

Honda wants the NSX to become the arrowhead of its electric strategy. The idea of ​​the Japanese, which has not yet been approved, is to launch a sports model capable of dazzling the world in such a way that it becomes one of the references in the category. The sales forecast weighs heavily in the final decision making, but what is immovable is that if a new Honda NSX reaches the market, it will have a 100% electric format. This has been confirmed by Jon Ikeda himself, Director of Acura, to the digital newspaper Nikkei during the celebration of the Detroit Motor Show.

To the right of the image you can clearly see a sports coupé within the electric launch program

As vice president of the Honda corporation, Ikeda has privileged information on the status of the NSX project, which is why his statements have spread like wildfire throughout the motor segment. Although Ikeda himself It has not been launched to confirm its arrival, “I would bet on it”, it has made clear the approach it will take, “it will be totally electric”. Just the fact that the Japanese are planning a comeback should be good news.

Internally there are high hopes of a comeback in style. Many company workers consider the launch of a high-performance electric NSX to be an excellent turning point for the new era that the company faces. The leap from thermal to electric would have no better ambassador than a spectacular sports car with a 100% electric system, something that was already done, or at least tried, with the previous generation.

In the spring of this year, Honda announced to the world its plans to electrify its range and that of Acura. 30 new electric models by 2030 is an ambitious goal that will involve the arrival of unprecedented models and the renewal of current units. During the official launch of the electrification program Honda showed the world a very revealing image in which a sports coupe could be guessed That at the time was already a source of speculation. If we add Ikeda’s new statements to that, it is clear that the NSX project is quite strong, although doubts are still on the table.

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