The Honda CR-V 2023 is presented with a new image and much more technology

Just two months ago, Honda began to announce the arrival of the new generation of the Honda CR-V. With this launch, the Japanese SUV reaches the sixth of its editions, leaving behind the 2017 model. The changes affect all levels, from aesthetics to technology through a mechanical range that, like the previous version, is based exclusively on electrified versions. It will arrive in the United States first, although landing in Europe should not be delayed too long, we will have it in the last leg of the course.

The initials CR-V correspond to the abbreviation of Compact Recreational Vehicle. It is one of Honda’s global models, like the renewed Honda Civic or the coquettish and electric Honda-e. On an aesthetic level it is clear that the Japanese have wanted to bring a more powerful touch to their largest SUV, and like the Civic, it goes for a lot of rib with rounded lines that soften the bold approach. The proportions are good, highlighting large elements such as the front grille or the eye-catching taillights.

More powerful image for Honda’s largest and most popular SUV

Inside we find a typical Honda product. An interior concept that we began to see at the launch of the Honda HR-V. Floating multimedia screen on the dashboard, large digital instrumentation and specific module for air conditioning. It cannot be said that it is a particularly striking interior, but it is to be expected that the quality will be above the average for its category., as is usual with all Honda products. Good materials that are complemented by advanced technology.

The flagship of the SUV family now has its own category equipment. It offers everything you might need and a little more. With a range of finishes yet to be confirmed, elements such as: Full LED headlights, digital instrumentation with a 7-inch panel, multimedia system with a 9-inch touch screen, parking cameras, wireless connectivity for smartphones, USB sockets, dual-zone climate control, charger stand out. wireless, BOSE sound equipment and the deployment of security under the umbrella of Honda Sensing technology.

A very complete interior that presents the same structure as other models of the house

As we have already said, the Honda CR-V will be launched first in the United States given the importance of that market for the Japanese brand. In fact, the unit you see on the screen is the American one, but in terms of design, technology and habitability it will not differ at all with respect to the European unit. At the moment the load capacity data has not been communicated, which should exceed 500 liters. Yes, it has been reported that it is longer, almost 7 centimeters more, which means an approximate total length of 4.67 meters with a wheelbase of 2.7 meters.

Only electrified mechanics will arrive in Europe under the name e:HEV. A hybrid system that will use a thermal engine and two electric motors with the support of a small capacity battery. Offering a performance approaching the 184 horsepower of the new Civic, The Honda CR-V 2023 will once again stand out for its low consumption and its best response. In the United States it has been announced with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a hybrid variant that has nothing to do with ours. Soon we will know more details.

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