The Hengchi 6 is a Chinese electric car with a design “borrowed” from the KIA EV6 and Volkswagen ID.5

Hengchi is the electric car firm under which the giant company Evergrande intends to take place in the automotive sector. The brand has presented the Hengchi 5, while there are at least two other models that are very advanced in terms of development and that will potentially end up seeing the light of day as products. The Hengchi 6 is one of themand it is a step back from the latest designs coming from China.

Thanks to new electric cars with highly successful designs such as the BYD Seal, China has begun to write its own chapter in terms of style with the electric car as the starting point. However, with launches such as the ORA Punk Cat by the giant Great Wall Motors and its clear inspiration in the classic Volkswagen Beetle, it is clear that a certain part of the Chinese manufacturers are still unable to leave their culture behind in terms of copying formulas.

The images that accompany these lines have come to light these days, and thanks to the Chinese specialized press, Carscoops has echoed it. In them, the Hengchi 6 appears in spy photos, although without camouflage, revealing that the design that the production model will have will show features of models from other brands.

Hengchi 6 electric.
Hengchi 6 electric.

In this sense, the electric Hengchi 6 reveals several aesthetic resources that are clearly reminiscent, for example, of a sports car that stopped being manufactured a few years ago, since among the features that are most reminiscent of other models, we find its optical groups boomerang-shaped headlights, which inevitably brings to mind the Nissan 370Z.

Without moving from the front three-quarters, there is another aspect that draws attention, and that reminds us of the technological KIA EV6. It is the line that draws the roof and the volume that remains between it, the rear wheel arch and the C-pillar.

Moving to the back plane is where the alarms go off the most. Although the coupé-type roof drop can be considered a design element that the entire industry already uses, elements such as the taillights make the rear of the Volkswagen ID.5 cross our minds for a moment.

Inside the Hengchi 6.
Inside the Hengchi 6.

Nor does the interior stop being familiar, although it is the same as that which takes place in the Hengchi 5, which has already been officially presented. Here the brand that the Hengchi designers have taken as inspiration is clearly Mercedes-Benz. The dashboard is filled with a sheet of glass under which the dashboard and the infotainment screen are hidden, in the purest style of the Mercedes Hyperscreen. The center console is also reminiscent of previous models of the German brand, such as the C-Class or the AMG GT.

Since the photographed unit of the Hengchi 6 shows a design that appears to be finished, it is expected that the firm will show it in some way in the coming months. It is expected that it will inherit the electric motor manufactured by Bosch used by its brother in the range, and therefore perform the same 204 hp and 345 Nm of torquepowered by a battery 72.8 kWh of capacity.

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