The Government extends the deadline to request the aid of the Perte of the electric car

The Government has extended by two additional weeks, until May 17, the deadline to request the aid collected in the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (Perte VEC), which initially ended on May 3 after its opening on April 1.

Thus, the Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Wednesday a ministerial order that modifies the base order and the call for the industrial part of the Perte VEC, which has a budget of 2,975 million euros.

Despite the fact that the main change in the order of the Perte VEC bases is related to the maximum deadline for submitting projects, the spectrum of beneficiaries is also broadened, since they may now also be newly established companies, which were previously excluded from some lines of investment.

At the same time, the ministerial order published this Wednesday in the BOE also modifies the mandatory training section that has to be carried out within the projects and that can now be carried out through digital platforms. The wording of the eligible costs related to materials, supplies and amortizable instruments in said training projects has also been clarified.

Another of the corrections that have been made to the ministerial order corresponds to the guarantee regime, in such a way that a responsible statement is incorporated to be presented by the entities that are part of the group, stating that they are not in a crisis situation.


The Perte VEC aid, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan in 2022, amounts to 2,975 million euros, of this total 1,425 million will be granted in the form of loans and another 1,550 million through subsidies.

The 2,975 million euros of aid from the Perte VEC correspond to the industrial part, which is completed with aid from the Moves III Plan, the Moves Program for Singular Projects, the Technological Program for sustainable mobility of the CDTI, artificial intelligence and connected vehicle until reaching the 4,300 million euros.

The Government plans to mobilize private investment amounting to 19,700 million and job creation could reach 140,000 jobs and the contribution to GDP would be between 1% and 1.7%. Other expected impacts would be to reach 250,000 registered electric vehicles by 2023 and between 80,000 and 110,000 recharging points deployed.

The call for the Perte VEC relaxes the condition that 30% of the incentives of each initiative linked to the Perte of the Electric and Connected Vehicle have to fall on small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

Thus, the aid equivalent to the budget contracted and subcontracted by large companies with said SMEs may also be computed. The call has been published under criteria of competitive concurrence and with an impact on a minimum of two autonomous communities.

An application, called a tractor project, must be made up of at least five entities, which are not part of the same group, related to the manufacture of the electric vehicle. At least 40% of the entities must be SMEs and at least one entity must be a knowledge provider.

The tractor project will be made up of a set of projects
projects and every entity must participate in at least one primary project.

The disbursement of the aid granted will be made in two payments per type of aid (loan and grant). The first will be ordered once the award resolution has been issued and will be made for the total amount of aid granted corresponding to the 2022 annuity.

While the second payment corresponding to the aid granted for the 2023 annuity will be made throughout 2023, and will be conditional on the presentation, before September 15, 2023, of the updated situation of the investments and expenses made to date .

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