The German owner of a Tesla with a million kilometers goes to Lucid Motors

It’s been almost a couple of years Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen He made headlines for having reached more than a million kilometers traveled in his Tesla Model S P85. Now, this German, known by defenders and detractors of the brand almost equally, is back in the news when it comes time to change car. Most would think that the logical thing, after traveling so many kilometers, is that it stay faithful to the brand. However, Hansjörg sets off on a new course at the controls of a Lucid Air, apparently looking for better after-sales service than the one you’ve had at Tesla.

When Hansjörg reached a million kilometres, he did so with a Tesla Model S P85 of the year 2013 (which he acquired in 2014 with 30,000 kilometers). A unit that has not been exempt from breakdowns, despite the fact that its owner claims to recharge it as slowly as possible, always within the range of 10 and 90% of the battery capacity and without driving abruptly looking for the sensational accelerations that this car can deliver.

Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen tesla model s show off air-interior
Profile photo of Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen at the Lucid Studio in Munich where he purchased his new Lucid Air.

Despite all this, the factory battery was replaced at 290,000 kilometres, an operation that was repeated after six months and 150,000 kilometres. The current one accumulates 500,000 kilometers without having given degradation problems. The electric motors, a component that gave many problems in the first Model S, have not held up either. Four are the ones that Hansjörg has needed although the the latter has 680,000 kilometers to his credit showing no signs of failure.

In this situation, despite the fact that all these operations were carried out within the eight-year unlimited kilometer warranty for the motor and battery (including a change of the on-board charger), Hansjörg has decided do not continue with the brand. The reason is clear in a tweet posted on his account: the brand’s behavior qualifies him “just as embarrassing” with him when dealing with problems.

Although the reason could come from the poor brand recognition of his loyalty, it seems that the apparent difficulties of the after-sales service to manage his breakdowns and take care of the concerns about his car, have led him to look for something better in one of Tesla’s rivals: Lucid Motors.

Will Lucid live up to Hansjörg Eberhard?

Despite the fact that the breakdowns that arose in his Model S seem to be related to the problems of the brand’s youth, Hansjörg has even stated that his car needed a new engine every 100,000 kilometers on average (which is not true since with the last It has traveled more than 680,000 kilometers). According to him, continuing like this with Tesla would mean approve your internship.

That was how he went to Lucid Studio in Munich to get up close and personal with the new Lucid Air. An electric saloon that has reached the market offering interesting technological advances and boasting many premium attributes. For now it is not known which version he has ordered or when it will be delivered, but Hansjörg has already changed his profile picture on Twitter in which he appears at the Lucid dealership.

When you start driving your new car we can check the degree of satisfaction who is undoubtedly a great defender of electric cars but whose opinion is, like everyone else’s, subjective. This is how the information you transmit about your new car and about the brand’s after-sales service will have to be treated.

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