The German-made Tesla Model Y debuts two new colors

The Tesla Model Y has become on its own merits the most popular electric car in Europe. Its sales continue to increase month after month and one of the objectives of the North American company is already being able to manufacture up to 5,000 units a week from next 2023. In the continuous search to update its range in aesthetic terms, Tesla has introduced two new shades for the German-made Tesla Model Y.

The aforementioned new shades are called Midnight Cherry Red and Mercury Silver. Both have been specially conceived in the facilities of the German Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg. Both options are available for the two mechanical variants produced in the same factory and which have more advanced capabilities: Tesla Model Y Long Range and Tesla Model Y Performance.

The names are Midnight Cherry Red and Mercury Silver.

The Giga Berlin paint booth has had a strong impact on the possibility of producing these shades, since it is fully robotized and automated, making it possible to impregnate up to 13 layers of paint on the models manufactured there. As confirmed by Tesla, this gives it “a unique depth and a spectacular finish.”

Both shades are already available exclusively for the European market and the Middle East, places of destination of the units manufactured in Germany. Both paints will replace the previous “Multilayer Red” colors in the catalog of options for both Model Y mechanics, in favor of Midnight Cherry Red, while Mercury Silver replaces “Midnight Silver”. The two colors removed from the Grand Autonomy and Performance catalog will remain as an option so that they can be installed on the “accessible” Tesla Model Y, which will not enjoy these new paints.

As confirmed by the electric car company, the Midnight Cherry Red color provides a very particular view of the vehicle, since the tonality will vary depending on how the light reflects on the body. Mercury Silver, meanwhile, has been specifically designed to accentuate the design and dynamic lines of the Tesla Model Y.

With this, the offer of colors of the Tesla Model Y (Great Autonomy and Performance) continues to offer the 5 alternatives already known: Multi-Coated Pearl White, Solid Black, Dark Blue Metallic, plus the two new options already mentioned. The additional costs of adding the exterior decoration for the Tesla Model Y is 1,200 euros for the black tone, 1,600 euros for the blue, €3,000 for the new Mercury Silver and €3,200 for the Midnight Cherry Red. The white color has no additional cost and is mounted as standard.

The current prices of the Tesla Model Y, in all its variants, have not changed. The electric crossover starts its offer at 55,330 euros for the variant of access to the range; one step above is the Great Autonomy for a final bill of 71,470 euros, while the most capable variant (Performance) starts its way at 72,030 euros. All this, of course, without counting on state aid or any other type of discount.

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