The future of TVR: after the Griffith EV will come an SUV and an electric saloon

TVR’s renaissance is closer than ever. After the brand declared bankruptcy, in 2013 it was acquired by Les Edgar and John Chasey, who decided to start a relaunch of it. Initially this was going to occur under more traditional mechanics, although the company’s new roadmap is heading towards an all-electric firm in the coming years.

Just a few hours ago it became known that the TVR Griffith EV project is still alive and will hit the market in 2024, but what launches does the company expect to make after this? As published Coachwhich has been able to conduct an interview with Les Edgar and Daniel Layton, after the commercial launch of the electric sports car, the brand will, for the first time in its history, move towards more commercial models, such as an SUV or an electric saloon .

Edgar himself has admitted in said interview that the development of the Griffith, both in its version with a combustion engine and for the electric alternative, has taken “longer than expected”, although now that it is practically completed they already contemplate the possibility for new alternative models in order to turn TVR into a new luxury company and multiple options within its range; something very similar to what Lotus is doing with its upcoming all-electric models.

TVR will evolve into a luxury brand with electric models.

The brand’s management considers that the Griffith is the ideal model for its relaunch, since it takes advantage of all the knowledge acquired by the brand in its more than 75 years of history. Now then, it is time to look further and propose a sustainable and commercially viable company. On this, they detail that they are ready to start working on what awaits them from the launch of the Griffith in the year 2024.

From the leadership of the company they assure that the development of electric technology has cost them a lot, but that it has helped them to learn about this type of “zero emission” mobility. Future electric models will be coupled on a new skateboard-type platform that will be supplied by “a well-established partner and leader in the world of electrification”which has not been revealed for now.

At the moment, the specific details of these two new future models are a complete mystery, as are the specifications of the already presented Griffith EV, which is expected to present a starting price of around 150,000 euros. Both the SUV and the electric saloon could present high acquisition costs, since the brand wants to present itself as a luxury alternative.

These two models may be launched as alternatives to the respective Lotus-launched vehicles, the Eletre SUV and the Type 133 sports saloon, which will be revealed soon. However, for now all this is nothing more than speculation, since its directors have not given specific details about what the future holds for these models that will arrive, predictably, during the second half of this decade.

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