The Ford Pro Electric Supervan is the most extreme electric van you’ll see today

In a world where everything tends to look alike, where brands try to copy technologies, designs and mechanics, it’s nice to see how someone tries to break with the norm. The Ford Pro Electric Supervan is the latest and wildest creation from the Ford Performance division.. An electric van converted into a competition contraption with excessive power. Its purpose? None, just entertain those attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Over the years, Lord March’s hill has gained so much prominence that many brands come to the event with special launches or unique preparations. As we already told you, The Ford Supervan story begins in 1971 with the first radical V8-powered Ford GT LeMans Transit. In 1984 and 1994 the formula of combining an industrial vehicle with an exaggerated engine and design was repeated. Since then we had not seen one again, until now.

Interior of the Ford Pro Electric Supervan.

Electric technology allows the Ford Pro Electric Supervan to surpass all that have come before it for hype and power. Starting from the basis of a Ford e-Transit, it is difficult to recognize any trace of it. The end result is a delivery vehicle that It not only seeks to offer the highest power on the track, but also an aerodynamic effectiveness that we had not seen before in a Supervan.. The modifications reach all the panels and corners. Stuck to the asphalt which Formula 1, whichever way you look at it is spectacular.

Ford has spared no expense. The Americans want to demonstrate, as they did with the Ford Mustang Mach-e 1400, that electric mobility also allows for exaggerated and crazy cars. Under the bodywork of this beastly e-Transit we find four electric motors capable of producing a power of 2,000 horsepower and 1,800 Nm of torque, thus generating more power than the previous three Supervans combined. A high-performance 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery is responsible for powering the entire system.


Although autonomy will not be the best of its figures, it does offer others that are not bad at all. From 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds, and a top speed of 320 km/h.. Being able to be considered as a supercar, the transformation work has been carried out by the company Ford Performance and STARD, an Austrian company specialized in the preparation of electric competition vehicles.

In a quick look inside it is discovered that the changes also reach the passenger compartment. A racing bucket anchors the driver. Next to it are two information screens, a racing wheel and a hydraulic handbrake. Nothing more. Five riding modes let you keep this beast in check or unleash it: Road, Track, Drag, Drift and Rally.. None of them sound boring, and surely no one watching her walk up Goodwood Hill is sure to be boring. Over the next few months the Ford Pro Electric Supervan will tour the world demonstrating the endless possibilities of e-Transit and electric technology.

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