The Ford e-Puma will be Ford’s cheapest electric car, and we already know how many will be sold in 2023

Ford will market dThroughout 2023 a total of 600,000 electric cars worldwide among those that have already been presented (the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and e-Transit) as well as a new model whose design is yet to be presented, but whose name we already know. Its about Ford e-Pumathe electric version of the well-known SUV from the blue oval firm.

Ford recently detailed in more depth its plans in terms of commercial volume for the coming years in relation to electric cars. With this, not only did they declare that they will sell a total of 600,000 electric cars in 2023, but they also specified how many units they will sell of each particular model.

Based on its plans, by the end of next year Ford expects to have manufactured and sold 270,000 Mustang Mach-E that will be divided between the North American, European and Chinese markets; 150,000 F-150 Lightnings going to North America alone; 150,000 e-Transit for North America and Europe, and 30,000 units of an electric SUV that will only be sold in our market, the European one.

Ford will launch new electric SUV models in the coming years.
Ford will launch new electric SUV models in the coming years.

It is expected, however, that during the second or third year of marketing, when production of the model in question has settled to a cruising pace, the sales volume increases to 100,000 units per year.

Ford has already confirmed that this model will be called Ford Puma, and that it is one of its future electric cars that will take the Volkswagen Group MEB platform for battery-powered models as a technical basis That it is articulated around the Volkswagen MEB platform means that we can take several aspects about the model for granted, including its price, which seems decisive in the future of the Puma.

And it is that the cheapest models that the German group marketed based on this platform started (before reducing their ranges due to the component crisis) with a price of around 30,000 euros for smaller battery versions, so the electric Ford Puma can be expected to do the same in the same range. This means that it will be located in terms of price below one of the models with which it will compete directly, the electric Hyundai Kona, whose rates start, before promotional actions, at 36,000 euros.

The design of the e-Puma will be an evolution of the Puma that is currently marketed.

In aesthetic terms, and judging by the only official preview that the brand has published to date, the Ford Puma will display a design that will start from that of the model that is currently marketed. The proof of this, in addition to the proportions of the advance body, is in the light signature of its headlights.

At the moment it is unknown what specific arrival date the electric Ford Puma will have, since test units have not yet been seen rolling around Europe (the ones that are usually the protagonist in our spy photos). However, based on its marketing date and the weight of the model in the brand’s plans, it is expected that it will be presented at the end of this year, or the beginning of the next, and that immediately afterwards the test units in charge of its development begin to be seen on the streets. By then we will be able to give more reliable data about this long-awaited model.

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