The Fisker PEAR reaches 4,000 reserves two years before starting production

Henrik Fisker is on the crest of the wave. The car designer and now founder and owner of the car brand that bears his name couldn’t be happier. With a very tight release schedule for the next few years, the Fisker PEAR accumulates more than 4,000 reserves two years before starting its manufacture. More and more customers ask for the electric compact attracted by its supposed reasonable price and the good features that are expected.

We have been hearing about PEAR for a long time. Henryk Fisker has a lot of experience in the markets, and he knows what he is doing, although plans do not always go as expected. The Fisker Karma was a revolution, but it was not sold, drowning the company in debt and problems. However, the Danish creative has not relented in his efforts to take his company, Fisker Automotive, to the place where he believes it belongs.

It is clear that he has managed to capture the attention of many people, the data is there. The first model of the new generation of electric vehicles will be the Fisker Ocean. The SUV/MPV is getting closer to seeing the light. The official presentation has already been made and production should begin shortly, scheduled for November 17 of this year.. The first pre-series units have already left the assembly line of Magna Steyr, in charge of manufacturing.

The interior of the PEAR is completely personal and with a great prominence of its glazing
At the moment there are few details that are known, although that has not been an impediment to attract attention

Like the PEAR, the Ocean has caught the attention of many customers. Currently the company has closed the order book after receiving more than 56,000 reservations, 5,000 of them firm with paid and non-refundable deposits. Although at the moment the launch date in Spain has not been announced, the starting price of the North American SUV has been made official: 41,900 euros without aid. A very reasonable figure that is sure to attract many potential buyers.

With this same premise, the Fisker PEAR wants to surpass the figures of its older brother. Located in the compact segment, Fisker wants to attract more buyers thanks to a more attractive selling price, below the $30,000 barrieralthough at the moment technical, performance or autonomy details have not been specified, although figures greater than 400 kilometers of range are expected.

At the moment the PEAR is in the phase of creating the first prototypes by Foxconn, Fisker’s construction partner in the project. In a few months they will begin to be circulated in different environments as part of a tight testing schedule. The company hopes to put it on sale in 2024 as production is scheduled for that same year.. It is expected that with the definitive launch of the Ocean, the reserves of the Fisker PEAR will increase, trying to achieve the success obtained with the SUV.

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