The Fisker PEAR is seen in the most revealing teaser we’ve had so far

Fisker seems to have taken a run. After the Karma debacle, Henrik Fisker has not relented in his efforts to lead the company to success. The Fisker Ocean is on everyone’s lips. With an imminent launch, the electric SUV will soon be seen on the roads of half the world. That will only be the first stone that will set some strong foundations that will be underpinned with what everyone hopes will become their best-selling productthe Fisker PEAR.

It is neither the first nor the second time that we hear about the electric compact. In fact, it is not the first time that we have seen it, but it is the first time that it is ahead of us in a much more visible format. Until now the advances provided by Fisker left everything to the imagination. Primary sketches that hardly allowed to discover details of the model. Now we can get a more definite idea of ​​what it will be like.

The sketch posted by Henrik himself allows us to see a unique front. The height of the nose stands out despite being a compact. Unlike other compacts, the nose of the PEAR is more typical of an SUV with more forceful lines. It also highlights the presence of front optics with a minimum size. Just a few centimeters that will locate the main headlights, we imagine with LED technology as standard.

The large bumper reveals a lower area with a grill where the front radar is embedded. Also the prominence of the wheel arches is striking, very protruding from the body of the bodywork, hiding multi-spoke wheels with an attractive design. Last but not least, the model name is centered on the front and, it seems, backlit to stand out on the powerful nose.

Fisker announces a price below $30,000.

And that’s it. Although Fisker has already planned the entire design of the PEAR, the Californian company has not yet wanted to reveal more details. In addition to the novelties in the design, what we know so far is that its compact size will sell below the $30,000 linealthough we assume that the price will be significantly higher in Europe and Spain, where its launch is also planned.

Development plans date the start of production to the end of next year. A very short term given that we have not yet been able to see the car in its entirety, although Fisker himself has acknowledged that they hope to do so soon. The PEAR will be based on the FP28 platform developed jointly with Foxconn, a partner that will be in charge of its production in Chinese territory.

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