The Fisker Ocean One has sold out and the model already accumulates more than 56,000 reservations

The Fisker Ocean is already a success even before the first units hit the market. The electric suv North American has already allocated the 5,000 reservations that were intended for the launch variant, the One; additionally, the number of interested parties for other finishes of the vehicle does not stop increasing and already has more than 56,000 firm reservations. This is great news for Fisker, although deliveries for latecomers will take at least 2 years to deliver.

The Fisker Ocean One began its reservation process by sending 5,000 numbered invitations to those who were the first to reserve a unit of the electric SUV. Said reservation for the most equipped (and exclusive) model in the range required compliance with a $5,000 total down paymenta more than remarkable step, since the most conventional units only require an income of 250 dollars to make the aforementioned reservation.

Henrik Fisker, CEO of the company, has stated how enthusiastic they are in the company due to the great boom that the Fisker Ocean has raised among the general public. Something of remarkable recognition, since the vast majority of them have never seen the car beyond some images on the internet. This makes Fisker’s value chain enormous by the time its models hit the streets of the world.

Fisker Ocean electric.
The Fisker Ocean One has sold out just one month after sending out invitations

Orders for the Fisker Ocean One come from all nine launch markets, including: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. New countries such as Spain will arrive later, where the price of the electric SUV has already been announced. These reservations will represent an economic amount of more than 350 million dollars in potential income for Fisker, once the models are delivered to their owners.

In recent months, Fisker has intensified its portfolio of clients interested in the electric SUV model, since last June the company announced that it had reached 50,000 firm reservations. Now, just a month and a half later, they have increased that figure by 6,000 new orders. This has made Fisker want to speed up the process of setting up the factory where the vehicle will be assembled, which is signed by Magna-Steyr. This company has already completed a total of 55 working prototypes of the Oceanwhich are serving to finish some tests prior to the start of production, which is scheduled for next November 17, 2022.

From Fisker they also reported that the small PEAR, the second model that will reach the ranks of the company, has also increased its number of interested and already has more than 4,000 firm reservations. Something really commendable, since the model has not been publicly presented beyond some official teasers. This will be manufactured by Foxconn in 2024 and, according to plans, they expect to manufacture more than 250,000 vehicles a year once the plant is ready.

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