The Fisker Ocean is a success before hitting the tarmac: it accumulates more than 50,000 reservations

Henrik Fisker is beyond himself. The designer and now creator of cars has managed to bring success to his personal brand. As if it were a son, Henrik has never given up trying to take Fisker to the place he believes he deserves. While the Karma was ahead of its time, its new products answer the call of a growing market. The Fisker Ocean is already a success even before reaching the market, as evidenced by the 50,000 accumulated reservations.

It must be recognized that good old Henrik has never lowered his arms. Although many considered his personal brand dead, the Danish designer, father of the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9, among others, has struggled to achieve a fleet of vehicles based on sustainable mobility. The house, founded in 2007, had a clear premise: to focus on alternative mechanical systems in order to reduce polluting emissions.

While Karma was overkill for its time, Fisker’s upcoming releases couldn’t be more fitting for the times. After leaving hybrid solutions behind, the Fisker Ocean takes advantage of a 100% electric system that has managed to captivate many people long before reaching the market. Throughout the process, its head has been able to surround himself with great experts and top-level professionals. that have managed to bring to success a product that will soon run through our streets. Last month it was already anticipated that production will be three times higher than expected due to high demand.


50,000 reserves may not be much when you consider what other brands claim to have, but for a brand as little known as Fisker it must be considered a resounding triumph. Just a couple of months ago the counter was at 40,000 units, which represents an increase of 25% in just 60 days. The brand only asks for $250 per reserved unit, deductible from the final price if the sale finally goes through. Obviously not all reservations will come to fruition, but it is better to start the estimates at the top.

Everything in Ocean transmits unbeatable sensations. Although the tests have not yet concluded, the definitive terms for its arrival on the market are known. We are talking about a 100% electric SUV with 4.77 meters long and capacity for five passengers. The range is distributed in three trim levels: Sport, Ultra and Extreme. Under its body there are three possible mechanical combinations with two types of batteries: lithium ions or nickel, cobalt and manganese cells.

The powers range between 279 and 557 horses with autonomies approved in the WLTP cycle between 440 and 630 kilometers. At the moment the size of the batteries is unknown, although figures higher than 65 kWh of net capacity are expected. A lot of performance, equipment and design for a very contained price. The starting price for the Fisker Ocean in Spain will be 41,900 euros, without delivery costs, aid or discounts. A very interesting cost considering that similar models are offered from much higher figures. It is normal for reserves to do nothing but grow.

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