The first image of the electric Polestar 3 comes with a hint about its autonomy

The Swedish company Polestar has just presented, at least partially, what will be its first electric SUV. We speak neither more nor less than the Polestar 3, a battery model of which Polestar has just shown its first image in the open, without camouflage. In addition, the brand has taken the opportunity to announce the first technical data of the Polestar 3, including the first clue about its autonomy.

The Polestar 3 will be the first SUV of the young Swedish brand, which we remember was born as the division in charge of developing the most powerful Volvos. We had already seen images of this new model before, although all with camouflage, but now the company has released the first photo of the car in all its splendor, as it will see the light in its presentation next october.

After putting a plug-in hybrid coupe (Polestar 1) and an electric sedan (Polestar 2) on the market, the next logical step – given the demand – was to have an SUV. It is the segment with the highest sales volume and continues to grow, so the Polestar 3 is the expected move from a brand in full expansion such as Polestar.

The Polestar will have “more than” 600 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle

The design is undoubtedly Polestar and its lines are slightly reminiscent of the Volvo Concept Recharge. The roof line and the sloping front hood are some of the features shared in part with the prototype, although the new Polestar 3 has a sportier silhouettetopped by a huge panoramic roof that curves gently towards the rear and ends under a prominent rear spoiler.

Apart from the rear wing, the Polestar 3 seems to take special care for aerodynamic efficiency. Proof of this is the front hood deflector to create an air curtain or the door handles flush with the bodywork. In terms of design, there is also the “Thor’s hammer” type headlights and the characteristic Polestar yellow details on the brake calipers and seat belts.

The front hood deflector is a good example of aerodynamic work

The Polestar 3 will be marketed with a propellant of two electric motors, whose potency has not been announced. It will have a “high-capacity” battery, which has not been specified, which will offer a autonomy greater than 600 kilometers in WLTP cycle. Polestar has not revealed more technical details about the 3, although it has announced that it will mount the “best Luminar LiDAR sensor” and great computing power thanks to the latest generation NVIDIA processors, which will allow it to offer autonomous driving -we assume that level 3 -.

Although we do not know the dimensions of the Polestar 3, we are facing a large SUV ready to face rivals such as the BMW iX or the Audi e-tron. To try to put its size into perspective, think that the wheels of the vehicle in the images have a 22-inch diameter. The Polestar 3 will be presented in October and production is scheduled to start in early 2023. It will be made in the United States and China.

After the Polestar 3, the brand will launch the Polestar 4 in 2024, a somewhat smaller SUV, and in 2025 it is planned to launch the Polestar 5, a sedan larger than the 2. The goal is multiply sales by ten globallygoing from 29,000 units sold in 2021 to 290,000 by the end of 2025.

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