The first electric Jeep will be one of the cheapest models of the brand

Again Stellantis has shown images of the new Jeep electric SUV. It has done so on the occasion of the presentation of the economic and commercial results relating to the first part of this year. It is a model that will not only mean the launch of the first electric car from Jeepbut it will also become one of the most affordable models of the American manufacturer.

For Jeep, the launch of this model, which at the moment has not yet been officially referred to by any name, is especially important, since it is not only its first electric car, but it is also the first model of the brand that It has been developed after the formation of Stellantis. However, and since it is a model that belongs to segment B, It is possible that it ends up being the replacement of the Jeep Renegadeand as such inherits its name, as it will share technology with the replacement for the FIAT 500X, as is the case with the current generation of the Renegade.

The new model is expected to take shape on the STLA Small platform, an improved version of the e-CMP that today shapes the Peugeot e-2008, Citroën ë-C4, Opel Mokka-e and other Stellantis electric cars belonging to to the B segment.

Electric SUV Jeep-interior
Electric SUV Jeep-interior

Currently, all these models use electrical schemes with identical characteristics: propellers with 100 kW of power (136 CV) fed by a battery with a gross capacity of 50 kWh. All this articulated around a 400 V nominal voltage system. Thanks to this, they all manage to homologate autonomies in the environment of 350 kilometers and accelerations from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour at the level of 10 seconds.

Since the STLA Small will provide improvements in all aspects of the performance section, it is to be expected that the autonomy will rise to the level of 400 kilometers thanks to a new, more efficient electric drive. Although it is not a confirmed aspect, a change in the capacity of its batteries can also be expected thanks to better energy density.

Aesthetically, the design of the electric Jeep shows off the most characteristic attributes of the brand. A muscular and flat hood preceded by a grille with the house’s trademark vertical slats will ensure that at first glance the new model is identified as a Jeep. Based on the organic and advanced model of the images, and the latest spy photos that have appeared on the internet of it, it is expected that the production model will not suffer any change with respect to the one that accompanies these lines.


As Stellantis itself has recently specified, the model will be officially released in early 2023, so its commercialization will gain strength throughout the same year. It is early to talk about prices yet, but given the characteristics of the current Jeep models, it is to be expected that this “Baby Jeep” (as a large part of the public already refers to it) will become the most affordable model of the range, with prices that in the most accessible version should be well below the level of 40,000 euros.

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