The first electric car of Foxconn, the manufacturer of the iPhone, will have 450 kilometers of autonomy

The world of technology and the automobile are increasingly united. Dividing the borders between one sector and another is difficult. Many companies are looking to make the leap into the world of four wheels attracted by electric mobility. Foxconn is one of the heavyweights in the world of technology, and now it is also becoming a car manufacturer thanks to its Foxtron range. Its intention is to attract many markets thanks to products as serious as the Foxtron Model B that has just been introduced.

A few days ago, we briefly reviewed the new work of the automotive division of Foxconn, a company known until now for being Apple’s main manufacturing partner. Those from Taiwan thus enter a very important category, that of the compactwith which they hope to present models as important as the Volkswagen ID.3, among others, although their bet will not seek immediate confrontation.

Under the rear light there are LED panels that change depending on the function activated

The first time Foxtron let us see something of the Model B was in its side view. Already by then we guess a compact very attractive in design. The creative part has been carried out by Pininfarina. The Taiwanese have managed to surround themselves with one of the best design studios in the world for this adventure. The Italians have not only done a great job modeling the bodywork, but they have also taken care of the technical part. Aerodynamics play a very important role, and that is why elements that reduce the impact of the air are present in the Foxtron Model B. Front and rear openings that achieve a drag coefficient of 0.26.

If the exterior is impressive, the interior is no less striking. The interior allows up to five passengers to travel comfortably and with great detail. Minimalism is once again the main trend of the creative movement. All attention is focused on numerous digital screens. The smallest we found behind the wheel. A mini instrument panel that reflects the most important driving information. Next to it is the main screen of the multimedia system and the two screens of the two digital rearview mirrors.. A position that seems to be quite natural.

The interior gives off a good feeling of quality and advanced technology

Foxtron is not that it has been generous in the details of its new compact. There are still many details to be known, such as the size of the battery or the performance of the motor or motors. What the company has detailed is that the Foxtron Model B achieves a range of up to 450 kilometers. As we have already known, the company’s open source platform will allow it to adapt to different bodies, formats and battery sizes, so we imagine that the Model B will be the smallest model of the house with its 4.3 meters long and its 2.8 meter wheelbase.

No release or pricing plans have been detailed either. We do not know where Foxtron will start its commercial adventure beyond China. The local market will be the first to offer the company’s new and advanced models: Model B, Foxtron Model C and Foxtron Model V. Later the plans could contemplate launches in Europe and more preferably the United States. As for prices, the company has been very careful to give any approximate details of the cost, although if we are talking about a direct rival of the ID.3 we should expect starting prices close to 30,000 euros, or even less. All these plans will be detailed later.

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