The final design of the BMW XM is filtered with few changes with respect to the Concept

At the end of next November it will be one year since BMW officially unveiled the conceptual model of the BMW XM. This, initially, was presented as the pinnacle of plug-in hybrid SUVs on the current market, with an even more impressive image than the renewed BMW X7 and together with a hybrid mechanics of more than 700 CV. Now, the final aesthetic has been completely filtered through some patents published in iXForums and where it is revealed that the production model will not be far from what is seen in the conceptual model.

Just a month ago, BMW already officially announced that the BMW XM was ready to be presented. This announcement was made with a unit of the model completely covered by a sheet, so concise details could hardly be seen. However, through this leak, it is clear that both BMW and its followers liked the image of the XM and, therefore, the Bavarian firm will integrate it almost completely into the production model.

The rear will retain the particular quadruple exhausts

In general terms, the design is appreciated less radical and excessive than in the concept. Among other elements, the front stands out where the two BMW kidneys have been reduced in size compared to the vehicle presented a year ago. Edges and many angular shapes have also been polished to make this a more logical model for marketing. The door handles now become more conventional and other elements, such as the openings in the hood or the ceiling lights that the concept had, disappear here. The final model will continue to feature dual headlights, very similar to those on the new BMW i7.

In the profile, the design of its wheels has yet to be revealed (they will be up to 23 inches) although, broadly speaking, the design line on the side continues to be very differential. Apparently, the length of the vehicle is still pronounced, made even more noticeable by a very wide C-pillar. The charging socket, as in the prototype, is located in the left front wing, next to the driver’s door.

The profile will be very particular where a very wide C-pillar dominates

Finally, something very similar happens at the rear than at the front, since the excessive lines here have been polished to obtain a final model more in line with what is currently marketed by the company. Its headlights abandon the slim and large design to present more conventional ones. Apparently it will also remove the location of the company logos that the concept placed in the upper area of ​​the bezel. Finally, production model will retain quad trapezoidal exhaust tips in a very similar way to the concept.

BMW has not yet confirmed the official date on which the commercial model will be unveiled, although this is expected to take place in the coming weeks, since its production will start at the end of this year.

Mechanically, the BMW XM will be positioned as the technological pinnacle of the brand’s sports division. This will be made up of a V8 gasoline engine block that will be linked to a plug-in hybridization system. This will result in an estimated power of more than 700 hp and 800 Nm of maximum torque, which will be very useful for moving its almost 3,000 kilos of weight. Additionally, it will have all-wheel drive xDrive and an electric range of 80 kilometers, in addition to the highest technology known so far in the German company.

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