The FIAT 500 is the third best-selling electric car of the year, approaching the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

With the new FIAT 500, the Italian brand not only has an icon of its history as a standard-bearer in the transition to the electric car, but the small utility vehicle is also proving to be a commercial weapon for FIAT so far since 2022, as it has been become the third best-selling electric car in Europe.

And it is that, as it appears in the list of the 50 best-selling electric cars in the first half of the year, the FIAT 500 has only been surpassed by the two best-selling electric cars in the world, the almighty Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, which together add up to more than 95,000 registrations until the end of July.

The FIAT 500, for its part, has reached 32,837 sales, which represents a little more than 7,300 registrations difference with respect to the Tesla Model 3. This is a very positive figure not only for FIAT but also for Stellantis, the consortium under which the Italian firm operates, since it has been one of the main contributors to the group being able to surpass Tesla in terms of sales of electric cars. overall way.

FIAT 500 electric.
FIAT 500 electric.

The keys to the electric FIAT 500

One of the most important keys of the FIAT 500 in the good performance that it is having during this 2022 is, without a doubt, that it continues being faithful to the qualities that made the model from which it derives famous with a recognizable aesthetic, while its electrical performance seems sufficient for the concept around which it is articulated.

Another key to its good business results so far in 2022 is that the Italian model is also one of those preferred by driverless car rental companies. In this channel, the previous generation of the 500 has always been one of the main protagonists in terms of registrations, and with the new and electric generation, FIAT has been able to market its model among the most powerful clients in the sector, so registrations in this market niche they have had a great weight in the number of deliveries of the utility.

FIAT 500 Convertible.

In addition to this, the most accessible versions of the range are the ones that have partly helped it establish itself as one of the most successful electric cars on the Old Continent. In fact, it can be considered a rival to the Dacia Spring in its most accessible version if promotions are taken into account.

Currently the range of the electric FIAT 500 starts at 26,795 euros for the Active version, to which it is possible to subtract the up to 7,000 euros of aid that the Government contributes at the end of the purchase of an electric car through the Moves III Plan. In exchange, you get an electric car with a careful design, with 95 hp and 190 km of approved autonomy.

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