The exclusive Bentley Mulliner Batur advances the design of future Bentley electrics

The recently held Car Week in Monterey (California) has gone a long way. The most prestigious brands in the world have shown the world their future ultra-exclusive models. One of them has been Bentley, which has carried out the presentation of the so-called Bentley Mulliner Batura model of which only 18 units will be manufactured, but which advances the design line of futures electric cars of the company.

At Bentley they are immersed in the development of their first electric model, which has received a slight delay until 2026, and their project called “Beyond100”. This plan was announced last year 2020 and under it the total electrification strategy of the brand will be framed. Along with this, Bentley will also carry out the “Five-In-Five” plan, by which they will launch an electric car every year from 2026 (although before the recently announced delay it was counted on from 2025).

This will result in a 100% electric company from the year 2030 or 2031, depending on whether the initial plan is continued or everything has been delayed for a year. Subsequently, from that date they will continue with the launch of new fully electric models. However, in recent months, the company has given some details about future electric models, of which it is now known what its cornerstone will be: the recently presented Bentley Mulliner Batur.

It was Andreas Mindt himself, the company’s recently appointed director of design, who stated that the new Batur represents the “first journey of an aesthetic transformation” that will direct the new Bentley design language and that, in parallel, advances to a certain extent the appearance that the electric models that will arrive from 2026 will have.

Bentley’s first electric will arrive in 2026 with high performance

Mindt affirmed that this model presents three of the qualities that the firm’s future electric models will have and that they call: power, inspiration and harmony. The designer summarizes the design of this model (and those to come) in “give presence through sculpture”. To this, Mindt referred in terms of not needing oversized accessories or inadequate decorations. “Car customers are changing, they want their cars to be quietly impressive, not flashy.”

The designer cited among its qualities, in addition to “strength and musculature”, what he calls “the posture of a beast at rest”, which alludes to an aesthetic similar to that of a feline sitting on its hind legs. The second section is the “upright elegance” that refers to the modernization of its frontal area, especially the grill. Lastly, he spoke of the “endless hood,” something that “has always been a mark of power and prestige in luxury cars,” according to Mindt. Usually, the designer wants future Bentley electric models to have a “clean and simple” image with curved lines.

Despite being supposed to be an aesthetic preview of what is coming soon to Bentley’s ranks in the form of electric vehicles, the Bentley Batur renounces all use of electrification and uses a W12 gasoline engine. Bentley’s first electric model is expected to feature a sports car concept and very high performance, including 0-100 km/h in just 1.5 seconds and peak power of up to 1,400 hp.

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