The end of internal combustion at Ford will take with it 8,000 jobs

According to the latest reports published as a result of the statements made by Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, they point directly to the elimination of 8,000 jobs in the coming weeks on the occasion of the decreasing activity of the brand around internal combustion mechanics. Farley himself admitted that “Ford’s profits are hampered by having too many people.”

These plans for the coming weeks have been extracted from “sources familiar with the plan”, as he has learned. Bloomberg in the last hours. Apparently, this outstanding cut in jobs would come directly from the Ford Blue department, where the models with thermal mechanics of the North American manufacturer are developed. However, this personnel liquidation will not come alone and further cuts are already expected in other departments of the company.

According to the aforementioned report published in Bloomberg, Ford’s planned job cuts to kick in over the summer, that is, in the coming weeks, and would be executed in phases. Most of these cuts are expected to be made to its US-based workforce, where the firm has more than 31,000 salaried contracts, from which the next 8,000 layoffs will come.

At the moment, Ford has not wanted to make any statements in this regard, although, in the last interview with its managers, they admitted that currently are looking for ways to reduce costs and further expand their presence in the electric vehicle market. Requests sent by different sources to ask specifically about this cut in personnel have been denied so, for the moment, there is no official response.

Ford will increase its investment in the development of new electric models.

Mark Truby, director of communications at Ford, admitted that today clear objectives have been established to reduce the cost structure in order to ensure the company’s economic efficiency and to “declare itself as a competitive brand against the best in the industry.” automovile industry”. All this without going into specific details about how and where these economic cuts will be applied.

Jim Farley, in a statement released last February, stated that the company would seek to reduce a total of 3 billion dollars, with a view to making Ford Blue “the engine of profits and cash for the entire company”, since The CEO believes that the thermal vehicle departments, as well as that of electric models, are generating insufficient income and that this must be corrected in the coming months.

In parallel form, Farley announced that it will increase investment in the development of electric vehicles by 50 billion dollars to reach a production quota of 2 million electric vehicles per year by 2026. This economic amount will be based on the benefits obtained from the sale of combustion models from the Ford Blue operation. “That’s why we created a separate group called Ford Blue, because we need them to be more profitable to finance future electric vehicles.

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