The electrification of an American myth is confirmed: the hybrid Corvette begins its testing phase

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most popular sports cars in the world. Among the public, its name is as well known as the authentic ones, perhaps even at the height of the Porsche 911. Instead, and contrary to what happens with the German model, the Corvette will be electrified imminently, since in its The next renovation will hit the market in the form of a hybrid car, or at least it will be offered with a mechanical option of this type.

This is attested to by the spy photos on the Nürburgring circuit that accompany these lines, in which the American sports car sports the necessary stickers so that in the event of an accident, the operators know that they are dealing with a car with a high-voltage electrical system. And it is that, after days of seeing this particular Corvette hanging around the streets, until its entry into the German circuit it has not been possible to identify it as a hybrid.

However, and based on the fact that a second access cover similar to that of the gasoline tank cannot be clearly identified in the images, it cannot be confirmed that the various units sighted correspond to plug-in hybrids.

Corvette E-Ray track 8
There is a possibility that the hybrid Corvette will be named ‘Corvette E-Ray’.

In changes, and thanks to the testimony of the photographers who are authors of the spy photo gallery, we do know that the Corvette can work in electric mode up to about 60 kilometers per hour, which indicates that under its body the battery that will take place will not have a capacity too high.

On the aesthetic side, there is an aspect that is striking among the photographed units, since they show off the aesthetic kit of the Corvette Z06, in which a striking set of skirts and lips in the lower part of the bodywork stands out, as well as more aggressive bumpers and at the rear a duck-tailed spoiler.

However, what it does not share with the Z06 are the exhaust outlets, since all units have the tails of the conventional Corvette. An aspect that raises doubts regarding the approach of this version. The possibility of this hybrid mechanics replacing the Grand Touring version in the Corvette range is being considered.

Corvette E-Ray track 13
The hybrid Corvette that has been seen by the Nürburgring displayed an aggressive aesthetic kit.

Be that as it may, and judging by the advanced state of development of the units that have been seen on the famous German circuit, we should soon get out of doubt. Although it is true that its commercialization is not scheduled until 2023, the truth is that we could see it in its final production form before the end of this year, and what is more interesting, thanks to its electrification, this Corvette could reach Europe. along with other General Motors models, such as the electric Hummer EV.

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