The electric Volkswagen family body could be called ID.7 Tourer

It is clear that Volkswagen will expand its range of electric models in all directions. We have already seen how the ID family has grown remarkably in recent months, however, there is still much to discover and present in it. One of the most anticipated models will be the spiritual successor to the current Volkswagen Passat. This electric vehicle was already advanced in the year 2018 and 2019 by the concept models ID Vizzion and ID Space Vizzion. Both discovered the intentions of the German firm for proposing a sedan and a family body for the new electric model.

Now, new rumors suggest that this model could arrive under the name of Volkswagen ID.7 and ID.7 Tourer. All the alarms have gone off when the European Patent Office has received a new nomenclature acquired by the German firm itself. Said name would be that of ID.7 Tourer which is identified under the entry with the number 018703388 and registration date of May 17, 2022. Previously we have already seen how Volkswagen was done with all the numbering between ID.1 and ID .9, in order to protect these names for future electric models that the brand will launch.

Volkswagen, parallel to the development of the ninth generation of the award-winning Passat, is developing a model with two body variants as an electric alternative to the traditional sedan. This model was initially going to be called Volkswagen ID.6, as suggested by Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, in the middle of last year. However, this already feels entirely unlikely, as the Volkswagen ID.6 has already been introduced and marketed in China as an SUV above the ID.5. Precisely because of this discarding of nomenclature, it was when All the alarms have gone off when discovering this new patent registration on the name ID.7 Tourer.

The front of the Volkswagen ID.7 was leaked a few months ago
The front of the Volkswagen ID.7 was leaked a few months ago

In recent months, Volkswagen has been unfolding its most classic range, historically dominated by combustion mechanics, and is offering its customers more purely electric alternative models. Such is the case with the classic Volkswagen Golf and its electric alternative in the form of the Volkswagen ID.3. The German firm will continue to do this for a few more years until the company’s electrification finally becomes complete, which will presumably happen at the end of this decade.

The future Volkswagen ID.7 (or more commonly known as Volkswagen Aero B until now) we know that it will have an electric range of up to 700 kilometers, crowning itself as well as the model with the longest run of the entire German firm. The company has not given explicit details about which battery the model will install, although all rumors point to a net capacity of over 100 kWh.

On the future aesthetics of the Volkswagen ID.7 we can get an idea of ​​​​what Volkswagen will present us thanks to its multiple appearances in spy photos, as well as in the leak that we saw from its front a few months ago. In general terms It will present lines very close to what has been known so far within the Volkswagen ID electric familyalthough moving away from the SUV-type physiognomies and adopting three-volume saloon-type and family bodies, which will correspond to the names ID.7 and ID.7 Tourer, respectively.

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