The electric TVR Griffith project is alive and will hit the market in 2024

TVR ended up like many other British sports car brands. Those from Surrey have a long history that starts in 1946 at the hands of Trevor Wilikinson, founder and director of the company until 1965. During these years the company has gone through many dark moments that they want to leave behind with the arrival of a new model . The TVR Griffith will come back to life as a high-performance electric. Its development is already underway and if all the plans follow the agreed deadlines, it should see the light of day in 2024.

The truth is that this is not the first time that we have associated TVR with electric mobility. At the end of last year, news broke of the conversion of a brand that has always opted for large gasoline engines. The new times demand different approaches and that has led the English brand to sign a powerful collaboration agreement with Ensorcia Metals Corporation at the end of last year. A great economic and technological boost that will allow the rebirth of the Griffith as a pure electric.

The TVR Griffith name is one of the most special within the company. The first time it was used was in 1963, and since then we have seen it associated with numerous models. The last time was between the years 1991 and 2022, when it became one of the wildest sports cars in the UK thanks to a powerful Rover V8 engine. The idea was that in its rebirth the Griffith would bet again on a thermal engine, but in the end it will not be like that.

At TVR they begin to take the first steps on their future 100% electric model
In 2017 TVR presented an update to the Griffith that never made it to production.

In 2017 TVR, now under the control of Les Edgar and John Chasey, decided to relaunch the brand and did so by presenting a prototype bearing the Griffith name. For years the project has been stopped, but finally, as reported by Autocar, development is alive and well. The lack of funds was the main reason why the new Griffith did not see the light in 2019 as everyone expectedalthough the Griffith V8 is still listed on the company’s website as the final production version.

However, seeing the European and English automotive scene, it is practically impossible for TVR to bet on a gasoline engine for its return. The complications that such an option could entail, emissions and homologations, would have made those responsible rule out the possibility. The new development is about a 100% electric version, although at the moment no information has been disclosed in this regard. TVR will look for partners that provide the technology, we will soon know more details.

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